Album Review: Demun Jones—”Jones County”

By Brandon Benguaich

Georgia peach Demun Jones is a country rapper from the city of Gray, Georgia. According to his biography, Jones began his musical exploits at the age of three when he was exposed to a variety of music. Jones has also spent time as a dancer over the years and is the lead MC of an American rock, country, and hip-hop band, Rehab, with fellow rapper Danny Boone. It is clear that Jones is not only a versatile musician but also an accomplished performer. His new album, Jones County, is an achievement for the already successful rap star. But where does Jones County fit in within the Demun Jones spectrum? Jones County is all about Jones’ life and living within ‘Jones County,’ referring to his life in his hometown. The album’s content is autobiographical and leaves the listeners with an inkling of what it is like to live in the southern United States. The world of country rap is something completely new to me, as well as many others, but Jones does an adequate job with his musical aptitude and his fusion of two very separate genres.


Album art for Jones County

A track that amalgamates the mood of Jones County is the track titled “11 11 (feat. Bubba Sparxxx & LoCash Cowboys).” It features a repetitive fiddle sample over a rough drum track, and the actual rapping is not bad — in fact, I actually slightly bobbed my head, but that was pretty much the extent of my musical enjoyment. Another track worth mentioning is “Boondocks,” purely because of how dirty it is, and the fact that a banjo sample is subtly thrown in.  Other than that, there is absolutely no substantial harmonic content; besides the repeated banjo sample, there is a whopping two notes heard throughout the entire song. However, it is important to keep in mind that musical complexity is not what Jones is about — his lyrics are what makes him shine! “The smell/of burnt fuel fills the air/I got trucks and trailers lined up everywhere” are a sample of the lyrics that accurately pull off what Jones is trying to portray: the imagery and context of his life and career. From what I gather, Demun is a pure country boy, he has grit, and he is a skilled rapper.

However, what ultimately holds back the album is the production quality and lack of musical complexity that I prefer hearing, but perhaps that is a good thing for Jones’ fanbase. He gives the listeners an album that they can blast in their pick-up trucks as they cruise down the highway, or music that they can play while showing off your many trailers and trucks with the smell of burnt fuel. Despite the fact that I do not own a pick-up truck, this album successfully puts rap and country together without fully turning me off. After listening to this album I would not call myself a Jones fan, but if you like country music and rap, it might just be your cup of tea.


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