Rewind: U2—“In A Little While”

By Emily Powers

Not only is it a genuinely good track, “In a Little While” by U2, was the last song Joey Ramone ever heard. So there is something in this early 2000s hit that rock legends want to die to.

Written for Bono’s childhood sweetheart and wife, Ali Hewson, “In AaLittle While” is marked with Bono’s trailing falsetto and the slow prying of guitar. It is simultaneously a ballad of new love and of mourning of what is already lost.

The music falls into a whisper-groove, symmetrical to the ballads of Al Green, that is only surpassed by the unfeasible yearning in the synths of the track. The lyrics, battling between the urgency of action and the ephemeral nature of memory, present the song in an intricate plainness- simple, yet layered.

This song encompasses you, if you are not careful. Many a nights, I have romanticized falling in love with the “girl with Spanish eyes” and I find it’s hard to separate myself from the track’s lyrics throughout all stages of falling in and out of love.

Perhaps, Bono said it best, as he addressed an audience in Boston, “Joey turned this song about a hangover into a gospel song.” And there’s a deeply routed truth in that, as I’m sure other Ramones fans would agree, “because that’s the way I always hear it now- through Joey Ramone’s ears.”

One Response to “Rewind: U2—“In A Little While””
  1. Mohan Magic says:

    A lovely underrated song as with so many U2 tracks. Hope their new album will shake things up again.

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