Song Of The Week: Death Grips—“More Than The Fairy”

By Adam Piotrowicz

There is a new Death Grips song. The title of the track is “More Than The Fairy,” and the video that accompanies the track is a pulsating image of golden, rubber-like grills embedded in a banana and suspended by a power cord. The audio itself is a blistering purge of aggressive, overdriven net-era genre confusion that just…makes sense in the context of the visuals, simply because, well, it doesn’t make any sense at all. But, regardless of how you spin it, it’s definitely ugly and fast, and surprise-attacks both your psyche and your chakra-points.

Since their start in 201o, the avant-whatever-trio’s has proven to be predictable only in the unpredictable nature of the material they release, the moves they make on the Internet, and the tour dates they show up for. That whimsy has also extended to their guest features – Tera Melos guitarist Nick Reinhart was behind the massive  riffs that littered the group’s past two full-length efforts, and Robert Pattinson (yeah, that one) was revealed to have contributed some impromptu guitar work to their 2013 full-length Government Plates. This time, they’ve enlisted legendary slap-bass saboteur Les Claypool for audio damage, and the result is both incomprehensible and some sort of next level awesome (if you’re not already riding the Death Grips train – otherwise, it’s the normal amount of awesome).

“More Than The Fairy” arguably harder and more tweaked out than its predecessor “Hot Head” – the first single released from their latest album Bottomless Pit – and is anchored by a huge, distorted chorus riff and breaking-point-BPM funk-punk display of drumming athleticism that betray an ever-so-slight spiritual flair of Primus. The song is the first time Claypool and drummer Zach Hill have worked together since Hill’s 2010 solo album Astrological Straights; this time with an added dose of that signature Death Grips blunt force trauma. It’s also an instant throwback to Hill’s work in experimental punk outfit Hella, getting super real at the three-minute mark with some slap-bass-and-drums jolt-riffage-insanity that will render helplessly gleeful the inner adolescent proghead -a friend described it as “the craziest drum and bass song ever.”

Underneath Flatlander’s layers of production magic is unfiltered, angry rock and roll. Death Grips’ continue to prove that they are the punk rock fever dream no one expected. As is, by now, to be expected with Death Grips, maximum volume = maximum yield, and “More Than The Fairy” is definitely maximum volume.

 Correction: An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that the song’s title was “More Than A Fairy.” It is actually “More Than The Fairy.”

2 Responses to “Song Of The Week: Death Grips—“More Than The Fairy””
  1. berp says:

    more than the fairy

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