Show Review: Coldplay At The First Niagara Center

Story and Photos By Felipe Vallejo

As I was waiting in line at the border, all I could think about was the concert I was about to experience. It had been four years since I last saw Coldplay, when they came to Toronto for their Head Full Of Dreams tour. It had been one of the best concerts I had ever been to, so I was more than a little disappointed in 2014, when they announced that they would NOT be going on a world tour for their album Ghost Stories. But then, this year, after their release of A Head Full Of Dreams, they announced that they would be going on a world tour. I was ecstatic, and even though they didn’t announce any Canadian dates, I bought a ticket to the show for Buffalo just in case.

Finally, after months of waiting, the day finally IMG_3408.JPGcame. My dad and i travelled from Oakville, Ontario all the way to Buffalo, leaving at noon to get there with plenty of time. Once we got there, I was overwhelmed by the atmosphere. It finally felt like other people felt my passion for this band. Not only people my age, but from various age groups. I had insisted we buy floor seats, since we did not know if we would see them again amid rumours of this tour being their swan song. So as we entered the floor entrance, we were given two items: A Xyloband, and a button. The Xyloband was a wristband that lights up with the music, something I knew in advance we would get. What I did not expect was the button. It was small and had the word “Love” written on it in bold red lettering—a stellar font. Immediately, I knew this would be a fantastic night.

As we sat down in our seats, I noticed that there was a small stage not fifteen feet away from me, on my left. I was shocked as I realized this was the stage they were gonna play their acoustic set on. My excitement grew and grew in anticipation for the start of the concert. The two opening acts were great, with Foxes providing a strong set (including fan-favourite “Clarity”) and Alessia Cara showcasing her amazing vocals and down-to-earth personality. But then the time finally came when their intro song, “O Mio Babbino Caro” by Maria Callas, hit. The minute the band came on, the stadium of 20,000 was exhilarated. And it stayed that way for an hour and a half.

The opening half was filled with hits, some newer like “A Head Full of Dreams,” “Birds,” and “Hymn For The Weekend,” as well as old time classics like “Yellow,” “Clocks,” and the “Scientist.” The second half of the show, however, tore the house down. Fluorescent lights, lit up Xylobands, giant balloons and colourful confetti all played a part in their performance. They played songs like “Paradise,” “Fix You,” “Magic,” and “Viva La Vida.” They even played a tribute to David Bowie by covering “Heroes.” Then they acoustic set came up, and they ran to the small stage by the lower bowl, and started to play. Not twenty feet away from me, they began to play requested songs “Green Eyes,” “In My Place,” and “Til’ Kingdom Come.” Then, they ran back to close the concert in magnificent form by playing “Sky Full Of Stars,” “Amazing Day,” and finishing it off with their Super Bowl hit, “Up & Up.”

In parting, lead singer Chris Martin took a moment to make my night all the better. He announced that, to all the Canadians here, do not worry because they will be there next summer for their tour. By the end, I was tired, hungry and sore from dancing and jumping, but my spirits were higher than ever before. With a giant balloon in one hand, and a Xyloband in the other, I went to the car more than satisfied. The ride back was long, but peaceful, as both me and my dad knew that the concert we had just experienced would be one we would never forget.



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