Demo Magazine Download: Issue 10 (2014)

By Stuart Oakes

Demo’s 2014 issue is available below to view and download as a PDF! Congratulations to everyone involved in putting the magazine together!



  • Things to Bring to a Concert
  • Four Places to see a Show for $5
                   By Elena Gritzan
  • “If You Want to Produce, then Produce”: An Interview with Arthur McArthur
                   By Michael Vettese
  • UofT Student Musician Profile: Anna Mernieks of Beams
                   By Maria Sokulsky-Dolnycky
  • Demo’s Favourite Album’s of 2013
                   By Adam, Elena, Marko, Emily, Kalina, Kurt, and Maria
  • Toronto the Bad: A By-No-Means Definitive Guide to Toronto’s First Wave Punk Rock
                   By Adam Bernhardt
  • Art in the Background: Why Increasingly High Profile Musicians are Scoring Movies
                   By Ayla Shiblaq
  • Surviving 27: What it Means to Join One of the Most Famous Clubs in the World
                   By Kalina Nedelcheva
  • Masked Intruders: Zoo Owl on Musician Alter Egos
                   By Marko Cindric
  • DIY Is The Answer
                   By Al Janusis
  • A Chat with Big Things Productions
                   By Aviva Lev-Aviv
  • You Are What You Listen To: The Link Between Music Taste and Personality
                   By Sian Last
  • Anatomy of an Album Cover: An Interview with Artist Keith Rankin
                  By Maria Sokulsky-Dolnycky
  • Shut Up and Play the Hits: The Price of Admission and the Price of Entitlement
                  By Erik Masson
  • Will He Make it To the Rapture: The Cultural Relevance of Antony Hegarty & The Johnsons
                  By Melissa Vincent
  • Toronto Musicians: What’s Great About Toronto’s Music Scene
                  Compiled by Elena Gritzan
  • What Are You Listening To?
                  By Aviva Lev-Aviv and Emily Scherzinger

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