Demo Magazine Download: Issue 11 (2015)

By Stuart Oakes

Demo’s 2015 issue is available below to view and download as a PDF! Congratulations to everyone involved in putting the magazine together!



  • Don’t Be That guy: A Crash Course in Concert Etiquette
                   By Carey Roach
  • Post-Show Grub: Where to Get Food After a Concert
                   By Emily Scherzinger
  • Canadian Electronic Music and How to Blog about it: An Interview with Andrew Pulsifer
                   By Querobin Mendoza
  • UofT Student Musician Profile: Aaron Rambhajan of Loose Ends Collective
                   By Dora Boras
  • Demo’s Favourite Albums of 2014
                   By Claire, Emma, Emily, Erik, Gwen, Maria, David, Rachel, and Haley
  • The Hidden History of a Toronto Venue: Inside Punk Haven Soybomb
                   By Atousa Blair
  • South Africa’s Worst Nightmare: Die Antwoord and the Revival of Zef
                   By Ayla Shiblaq
  • Kill Your Idols: An Exploration of the Suffering Artist
                   By Sara Bimo
  • Of Heart and Head: A Discussion of Music and Activism with Lido Pimienta
                   By Jessa Evenden
  • Stolen Voices: The Problem of Cultural Appropriation in Music
                   By Sofia Luu
  • Are Reinventions Good or Bad?
                   By Alexander Si and Arman Adel
  • The Mass Media Wrecking Ball: How the Internet Kind of Wrecked Music
                  By Kalina Nedelcheva
  • Too Many Cooks?: The Plight of the Solo Musician
                  By David Recoskie
  • Live by the Sword, Die by the Sword: The Chaotic Rise of Young Thug
                  By Stuart Oakes
  • What Are You Listening To?
                  By Dede Akolo and Jeza Nadir
  • Obituaries
                  By James Li and Ayla Shiblaq

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