Demo Magazine Download: Issue 13 (2017)

By Stuart Oakes

Demo’s 2017 issue is finally available online! Download a PDF version below. Congratulations and thanks to everyone involved in putting the magazine together!


DOWNLOAD HERE ->  Demo 13 (2017)



  • Who Are You Listening To?—by Arman Adel
                   Demo checks in with UofT students to see what music they have been feeling lately.
  • Educate, Create, Cultivate—by Kalina Nedelcheva
                   How UofT has contributed to Toronto’s music scene.
  • Finding New Sounds on Campus—by Christian Schoug
                   A list of UofT’s musical events for the coming months
  • Made of Soul—by Isaac Fox
                   An interview with rising Toronto R&B artist Tamera Russell.
  • Looking Back—by Stuart Oakes
                   What some of Demo’s cover stars (Jordaan Mason, Lido Pimienta, and Zoo Owl) are up to today.
  • Life Under the 6ix God—by Harry Myles
                  Has Drake really been a blessing for Toronto’s rap scene?
  • BIZZARH—by Melissa Vincent and Yannis Guibinga
                   A conversation on how to craft new narratives.
  • Indie Music is Not ‘White Music’—by Angelo Gio Mateo
                   A personal essay about how institutions of music in Toronto have failed people of colour.
  • Thnks Fr Th Msgny—by Grace Guimond
                   Through being cool: what is really wrong with emo kids?
  • Hand Over the Microphone—by Emma Kelly
                   Despite the rise of “safe spaces” in alternative music scenes, complete inclusivity is still a long way off.
  • Cole Mendez—by Rachel Evangeline Chiong
                   A UofT Student Musician Profile.
  • Being South Asian is a Blessing—by Dayapartap “Daven” Boparai
                   A list of South Asian musicians who have made splashes in the music industry and my life.
  • Code Generation—by Shaquilla Singh
                   A look into live computer programming as an improvisational music composition method.
  • Critiquing the Spaces of Criticism in Music—by Paul Ciurea
                   Predicting the future for musicians and music journalism in a new cultural era.
  • Black Grammys—by Savana James
                   The Grammys are in danger of becoming obsolete if they continue to ignore and dismiss black artistry.
  • Critiquing the Spaces of Criticism in Music—by Paul Ciurea
                   Predicting the future for musicians and music journalism in a new cultural era.
  • Weathering the Modern Typhoon—by Yiqi Luo (Betty)
                   What is the future of traditional Chinese music in the modern world?
  • Boy Better Know About Grime—by Samantha Capaldi
                   The genre and lifestyle known as grime has finally succeeded in emerging from the British underground.
  • Demo’s Favourite Albums of 2016

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