Demo Magazine Download: Issue 14 (2018)

By Harry Myles

The 2018 issue of Demo is finally here! You can download a PDF version below and thank you to our countless writers, photographers, designers, contributors, and supporters that made this magazine possible!

DOWNLOAD HERE ->  Demo 14 (2018)


  • What Are You Listening To?—by Catherine Kawpeng and Noor Hasan
                   Demo checks in with UofT students to see what music has been on their radar.
  • Hart House Music: Noting the Landscape—by Vivian Li
                   A celebration of Hart House’s 100 years of musical glory. 
  • An Interview with Mocky—by Isaac Fox
                   A look at life after UofT. 
  • Music on Screen—by Alisha Farrow
                   How soundtracks make or break a film.
  • Too Good to be True: Scamming Indie Artists—by Daniel Lewycky
                   Exploring the scams in the music industry targeting small-scale musicians.
  • The Good, the Rad, and the Ugly of Toronto’s Live Musc Scene—by Felipe Vellejo
                  An inside look into Toronto’s live music culture.
  • At the Roots of Weaves—by Dora Boras and Andrea Macanovic
                   An interview with the Polaris Music Prize nominees.
  • Toronto Deserves a Better Music Scene—by Daven Boparai
                   Toronto’s outdoor music festival scene is disappearing because of low attendance and lack of proper green space in the city’s downtown core.
  • Sunday Morning, Praise is Falling—by Rachel Evangeline Chiong
                   An insider’s commentary on the unexplored world of your local church band.
  • Student Profile: IsKwé—by Randa Omar
                   A discussion with up and coming alt-R&B/triphop artist IsKwé.
  • Hip-Hop and Homosexuality—by Jeffrey Leung
                   How attitudes towards non-heterosexuality have changed in hip-hop.
  • Ontario is For Screamo—by Grace Guimond
                   A guide to scramz in the GTA.
  • Image vs. Content—by Emma Wittmann
                   The listeners’ developing role in successful music.

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