Weirdo Rock: 10 Recent Releases from Beyond Left Field

By Adam Smith, Featured Photo of Ava Rocha via Red Bull Rock is dead, which is fine because it means the rulebooks have all been burned up alongside the guitars and aging groupies. Luckily, the internet and lack of platinum expectations has led to wilder experimentation in recent years. Once long-forgotten, niche scenes are more … Continue reading

A Guide to Wavelength Winter Festival 18

By Harry Myles, Featured Photo via Wavelength Music Wavelength Music is a non-profit arts organization established in 2000. The group puts on curated concert series in the city to support the independent music and arts scenes, championing thousands of up-and-coming artists over the past 17 years, such as Arcade Fire, Feist, and Crystal Castles. Wavelength coordinates … Continue reading

A Guide to Weezer

By Joey Litvak, Photos via Joey Litvak and On May 10, 1994, alt-rock band Weezer made waves across the music world with their self-titled debut, now universally known as The Blue Album. In a time when mainstream guitar-pop was dominated by the gloom and despair of grunge bands like Nirvana and Soundgarden, Weezer came on … Continue reading

Guide: Modest Mouse

Artwork by Grace Guimond, Feature Photo via Nouse    

Go Now, You Are Forgiven—A Guide To Dispatch

By Felipe Vallejo, Feature Photo via ImgArcade Whenever I mention the name Dispatch, I’m responded to with looks of confusion. The name is alien to most who were born in the mid-to-late 90’s, and yet it still surprises me that their success and legacy has become relatively forgotten in this age of the music industry. Long … Continue reading

The Sound Of Dissonance—A Guide To No Wave

By Helena Najm, featured photo via tn2 Magazine Imagine new wave in your head: the structured clothes, the textured music, the succinct pop of a drum as the vibration runs through your body, and connects instantly with your hips. New wave was fun, popular, and upbeat. New wave was punchy. No wave was like being punched … Continue reading

Yea But This Is Life We’re Living—A Guide To July Talk

By Felipe Vallejo, featured photo via Collective Arts Brewing One of the best feelings as a music lover is to hear that a local band has made it big in their respective scene. In Toronto, nothing can compare to how July Talk has been taking the indie scene by storm. Upon releasing their most recent … Continue reading

‘Scuse Me While I Feel Myself—A Guide To 2016’s Women of R&B

By Savana James, Feature Photo via Complex Women in R&B truly dominated 2016 for me, with the release of countless albums, singles, and EPs keeping me hooked all year long. Listed below are a few of my personal favourites this year has blessed me with, and I hope I can impart these blessings unto you. … Continue reading

A Guide To The Best Television Soundtracks Of 2016

By Harry Myles, Feature Photo via Screen Rant The year is rapidly coming to a close and of course, countless year-end lists have now flooded the Internet, ranking the best of television, film, music, and more. However, one trend that seemed more prevalent this year than any other, was the union of music and TV. … Continue reading

The Twenty Best Horror Soundtracks—A Guide To A Spooky Halloween

By James Li, Feature Photo Via NewNowNext Halloween is approaching, meaning it’s the perfect time to delve into a horror movie (or a video game, or a Netflix binge). If you want a truly scary experience, make sure to find a movie with a great score. A good director understands how sound and music are just … Continue reading