Bilingual Songwriting and Adapting to Toronto’s Shrinking Live Music Scene—An Interview with Desiire

By Isaac Fox (@1nikofox) Desiire is one of Toronto’s most promising new artists, whose use of bright, organic instrumentation sets him apart from the city’s signature brooding R&B. I first heard Desiire’s music a year ago at Kensington Market’s Poetry Jazz Cafe, where he stunned the room with an unreleased acoustic track that he casually mentioned he … Continue reading

Buskers Of The TTC—Print Issue 2016

Story and Photos by Rachel Evangeline Chiong, Cover Photo of Dieufaite This article originally appeared in demo 12, our 2015/2016 print issue. You can find a PDF of the print issue here. They are the distant echoes teasing the edges of your ears, instantly spiking your senses as you turn the corner and try to sate … Continue reading

Student Music Profile: Shagabond—Print Issue 2016

By Daven Boparai & William Goldie, Feature Photo via Facebook This article originally appeared in Demo 12, our 2015/2016 print issue. You can find a PDF of the print issue here. Nicholas Arvanitis, increasingly better known as Shagabond, is at an inflection point. At 19, his textural, strikingly individualistic R&B productions have already garnered him a … Continue reading

Rizzla Rising—Print Issue 2016

By Sofia Luu, Feature Photo via Kremwerk This article originally appeared in demo 12, our 2015/2016 print issue. You can find a PDF of the print issue here. I discovered Brian Friedberg’s Twitter before I started delving into his body of work as Rizzla. In fact, it was while I was writing my article for … Continue reading

Classical Music, Online Rap Battles & Going For Gold—An Interview With Haviah Mighty

By Isaac Fox Even in the hip-hop and R&B industries (both industries being awash in multi-talented musicians) it’s uncommon to find triple-threat artists—gifted at rapping, singing, and producing. If I were to walk up to a hundred people on the street and ask each person if they could name an artist who could rap, sing, … Continue reading

As Spontaneous As Possible—An Interview With Omni

By Anu Guraya, Feature Photo via Facebook Last week, I caught up with a Joshua Tree-bound Frankie Broyles of the Atlanta-based three-piece Omni. Broyles sounded a little tired, and for good reason—the band is in the middle touring behind their debut album, Deluxe, which came out in July on Trouble In Mind Records. The music is a mix of wiry … Continue reading

Don’t Talk About It, Just Do It—An Interview With Zachariah Musiq

By Isaac Fox, Feature Photo via Ryan Chong Photography Toronto native Zachariah Musiq (formerly Alize. S) is a multi-talented rapper, singer and songwriter, who, with more than fifty songs, has developed a style truly all of his own. Layered over thumping hip-hop club beats, Zachariah imbibes his music with animated punchlines, left-field references to everything from … Continue reading

Our Existence Is Resistance—An Interview With Babely Shades’ Hana Jama

By Stuart Oakes The work done by Babely Shades – an Ottawa-based artistic/activist collective of women of colour (WOC) and queer people of colour (QPOC) – is not always greeted with appreciation or approval. “There was always discussion in the community how to get more women and more queer people involved,” said founder Elsa Mirzaei in … Continue reading

Love Song To Myself—An Interview With Lemon.

By Helena Najm Toronto-based musician and former University of Toronto student Lemon. writes intimate music that combines smooth, delectable sounds in order to evoke themes of sensuality, self-love and scorn. As unassuming as she is creative, Lemon. does not seek to push a certain message through her music, but recognizes the importance of her rise as … Continue reading

Taboo—An Interview With Baphomette

By Astoria Felix Baphomette, a musical project driven by the Toronto-based Jordana Schmeiser, explores themes of Satanism, the occult, and queerness by blending gruesome lyrics with smooth vocals and folk-inspired ukulele. Her most recent EP, October ‘15’s Satanic Panic (available on her Bandcamp) also features University of Toronto students/graduates Tristan Schultz and Andrew Slate. Jordana is … Continue reading