Playlist: Move! I’m Gay

By: Avneet Sharma In creating a Pride playlist, my goal was not only to showcase queer artists, but to create a playlist that encapsulates the queer experience. I’ll admit that this goal was too ambitious for a single playlist. I found myself going in two different directions at once: in one direction there was Azealia … Continue reading

Playlist: Love Nothing

By Avneet Sharma, Photo Source: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Yet again, it didn’t work out. Once upon a time, you met someone who you really clicked with in a special way, and now you’re dealing with the inevitable demise of that relationship (or… whatever it was). To add to all the pain and drama, it’s also Valentine’s Day. … Continue reading

“Who cares if I’m pretty if I fail my finals?” – A Playlist

Playlist by Avneet Sharma, Photo by Warner Brothers Gilmore Girls taught me to romanticize university. I mean, isn’t it wonderful that we’re put in a place where our only priority is to learn? I’m sure most of you scoffed at that sentence, as there is an undeniable pessimism to being a University of Toronto student. … Continue reading

Relax, It’s All Going to be Okay: A Playlist for Picking Yourself Up

By Alisha Farrow, Photo Via Exams got you down? Have you been wiping your tears on your essay papers? Everyone has those days, especially around exam season. Take a break to comfort yourself with some chill and poppy tunes while those papers dry.

In Memory of Gord Downie—A Playlist

By David Rhodes, Feature Photo via CBC Gord Downie’s music— both with The Tragically Hip and as a solo artist— is a pure expression of human spirit and emotion. He questioned and defined what it meant to be Canadian and remained in constant dialogue with our country and its people. Like for many of us, Gord … Continue reading

A Moment for Yourself—A Playlist

By Yiqi Luo (Betty), Feature Photo via YouTube One gets lost when emotions are buried in the pace of life. Sometimes we want to stop and say something, but we keep going. How long have we been neglecting ourselves because of stress, ignoring our hearts because of fear? Perhaps very few of us take a pause to … Continue reading

Angsty 1/4 Life Crisis—A Playlist

By Lara Franklin, Feature Photo via imgur Everyone seems to have their lives together; they’re part of every club on campus, have a wicked job, a crazy scholarship, steady marks, and a shwifty new haircut. Then you look at yourself: struggling to open a textbook, wearing the same pajamas to tutorial for the fifth week in a row, and trying not to leave … Continue reading

Queer and Femme Music For Strength Against Fascism—A Playlist

By Nicholas Higgins, Feature Photo via Beautiful Savage Magazine With the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States and the widespread resurgence of fascist ideology, marginalized communities have two priorities: to take care of ourselves, and to fight back. This playlist celebrates queer and femme identity and can be used for either … Continue reading

2k17—A Playlist

By Emma Wittmann, featured photo via Instalively A playlist made with the intention to serve as inspiration for 2017. 2K17 was made to have an uplifting rock/punk rock attitude. This playlist should be played loudly in the car with the windows rolled down or with friends to dance to.

I Want My Scalps—A Playlist

By Grace Guimond, Feature Photo via Alamo Drafthouse Cinema There’s not many words that can be used to describe the events of the past few weeks without sounding like you’re reading a list from a thesaurus, or a description from a Lemony Snicket novel. When we’re drowning ourselves in Medium think-pieces and shitty memes and … Continue reading