Angsty 1/4 Life Crisis—A Playlist

By Lara Franklin, Feature Photo via imgur Everyone seems to have their lives together; they’re part of every club on campus, have a wicked job, a crazy scholarship, steady marks, and a shwifty new haircut. Then you look at yourself: struggling to open a textbook, wearing the same pajamas to tutorial for the fifth week in a row, and trying not to leave … Continue reading

Queer and Femme Music For Strength Against Fascism—A Playlist

By Nicholas Higgins, Feature Photo via Beautiful Savage Magazine With the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States and the widespread resurgence of fascist ideology, marginalized communities have two priorities: to take care of ourselves, and to fight back. This playlist celebrates queer and femme identity and can be used for either … Continue reading

2k17—A Playlist

By Emma Wittmann, featured photo via Instalively A playlist made with the intention to serve as inspiration for 2017. 2K17 was made to have an uplifting rock/punk rock attitude. This playlist should be played loudly in the car with the windows rolled down or with friends to dance to.

I Want My Scalps—A Playlist

By Grace Guimond, Feature Photo via Alamo Drafthouse Cinema There’s not many words that can be used to describe the events of the past few weeks without sounding like you’re reading a list from a thesaurus, or a description from a Lemony Snicket novel. When we’re drowning ourselves in Medium think-pieces and shitty memes and … Continue reading

Revolution Songs—A Take Care Playlist

By Savana James, Feature Photo via Blanton Museum of Art It’s good to fight the good fight, but they sure can be exhausting. Revolutions are tireless work, and can get the best of you. At times, we need to take a moment to step back and reflect to step away from the fight, check in … Continue reading

Farewell, President Obama—A Playlist

By Harry Myles, Feature Photo via Harper’s Bazaar Farewell, President Obama. The time has come for the world to say goodbye to the man who breathed a new life into the Office of the President of the United States. During his two terms, Obama literally dropped the mic at a White House Correspondents Dinner, shared … Continue reading

The Demo “Best of 2016” Ballots—A Playlist

By Demo, featured photo via GotThatHipHop Believe it or not, sometimes every vote does count. Here is a song from every single vote we had in compiling our best of list, ranging from our top favourites to our newly discovered.  

Goddamn Exams—A Selection Of Jams

By Grace Guimond, Feature Photo via Reddit   Journal 「SOS 団」from School Days by Cat System Corp. Vaporwave artist Cat System Corp doesn’t just drop tracks, they curate an audio-visual experience, painting the backdrop to a retrofuturistic society. Each album creates a sound collage of samples where the atmosphere and experience are central to the … Continue reading

Ghosted On Tinder—A Playlist

Playlist by Emma Kelly, Blurb by Ayla Shiblaq, Feature Photo via It’s that time of year where you probably re-downloaded Tinder for the third time because you ran out of pizza money, proactive about finding a cuddle buddy for the Gilmore Girls revival, or just want someone to cry to after slipping on ice in … Continue reading

Lonely Hearts—Demo’s Valentine’s Day Playlist

Liana Ernszt The Cardigans – “Lovefool” This song is kind of wonderful. Not only was it in Romeo + Juliet with young and adorable Leonardo DiCaprio which is everyones ideal Valentine, but it’s incredibly catchy, very enjoyable, and lyrics are actually kind of sad. Making this song the perfect Valentines day tune for anyone with … Continue reading