Show Review: Glass Animals at Massey Hall, October 2, 2017

By: Mena Fouda When I first listened to Glass Animals a couple of years ago, I was thoroughly freaked out. The music video that I watched was a stop-motion of generally strange clay objects, doing generally strange things, with some generally strange music in the background. I was so confused—is this electronic? Is this some … Continue reading

Life and Death in Schubert’s D959: Francesco Piemontesi’s Verbier Performance

By Sofia Lin Photo by Marco Borggreve via The Telegraph       Verbier is a village located in the beautiful Swiss Alps. It is a place where one can see both lush summer greens and snowy mountain peaks. This summer, it welcomed one of the most celebrated pianists of this generation – Francesco Piemontesi. … Continue reading

RBMA Weekender 2017: Day 3

By Sofia Luu, Feature Photo via Red Bull//Drew Gurian The Red Bull Music Academy Weekender took over the city of Montreal with four days of back to back, hard to beat programming that consisted of past RBMA participants and other talents that made it very, very difficult to choose which day to attend, if you … Continue reading

RBMA Weekender 2017: Day 1

By Stuart Oakes, Feature Photo (Pan Daijing) via RBMA/Bruno Destombes I was terrified of using the Montreal metro system because of an irrational fear that it would be substantially different from the Toronto subway, and that I would embarrass myself trying and failing to figure out how it worked, until someone pointed out that I … Continue reading

A Guide To Montreal’s RBMA Weekender 2017

By Stuart Oakes, Feature Photo via URSSS Because nothing says “yes, I am taking school seriously” quite like taking a vacation in September, I’m headed to Montreal to enjoy this year’s Red Bull Music Academy Weekender (“life is an adventure,” I tell myself, stuffing textbooks that I vow to read on the bus into my … Continue reading

Show Review: Whitney at the Danforth Music Hall

By Stuart Oakes, Feature Photo via The Fader        Last week, a Stereogum review of LA’s FYF music festival dismissed the “chill-bro indie” band Whitney as “aggressive in their banality.” That’s a pretty harsh take, especially for a band as agreeable as Whitney. Everyone digs them: my mom, my roommates, Sir Elton John (enough … Continue reading

Toronto Jazz Festival 2017: Caravan Palace

Article and Photos by Tyson Moll Straight from Paris, Caravan Palace. Hold your roses close, keep your dazzler’s pinned and brace yourself for a Chaplin-era evening of electro swing! DJ Medicineman opened the night with his electro swing mix as fans trickled in. For the uninitiated, the electro swing genre takes swing music originating from … Continue reading

NXNE 2017: Day 2

By Isaac Fox, Featured Photo via Harry Myles North by North-East (NXNE)’s 2017 line-up offered a multi-genre mix spanning hip-hop, rock, R&B, and pop. I arrived around 5:30 on Saturday, and caught the very tail end of John River’s performance, where he was delivering a fierce acapella. He hasn’t been very active in Toronto since he … Continue reading

NXNE 2017: Day 3—Rain then Shine

By Zack Goldstein, Featured Photo via Complex Following a Sunday morning and afternoon filled with wild and unpredictable weather changes, featuring bouts of hail, rain, and the sunshine, I made my way down to the NXNE festival grounds in hopes of clear skies for the evening. Last year, I was disappointed by the set up at … Continue reading

Best of the Toronto Jazz Festival 2017

By Tyson Moll, Feature Photo via Latin Jazz Network, by Atael Weissman With the Toronto Jazz Festival coming to town, Demo has your event guide of the best acts to see over the 10-day festival! Caravan Palace- June 26 @ the Phoenix Concert Theatre In the spirit of Django Reinhardt, Caravan Palace brings fresh Parisian electro-swing … Continue reading