Toronto Urban Roots Festival 2016: Day 3

Story by Angelo Gio Mateo & Jennifer Hyc, Photos by Jennifer Hyc JENNIFER   Day 3 of this year’s Toronto Urban Roots Festival (TURF) kicked off with only slight remnants of Saturday’s downpour. Aside from some small puddles and muddy patches, it felt just like any another summer day in Toronto, construction happening nearby and … Continue reading

Toronto Urban Roots Festival 2016: Day 2

Story & Photos by Kalina Nedelcheva, Feature Photo by Jennifer Hyc Day number two at the Toronto Urban Roots Festival (TURF) started quite mean-tempered. The sky was dusky, the air gloomy, and the rain kept falling for a good half of the day. However, the TURF crew didn’t seem to pay much attention to the … Continue reading

Toronto Urban Roots Festival 2016: Day 1

Story by Angelo Gio Mateo, Kalina Nedelcheva &  Jennifer Hyc, Photos by Jennifer Hyc   Jennifer The Toronto Urban Roots Festival arrived at Fort York and Garrison Commons on Friday, September 16, and in its arrival, ultimately began closing the chapter on summer festival season in the city. With the sun beaming down overhead, those … Continue reading

Sappyfest 2016: Day 3

Story & Photos by Jennifer Hyc Sunday at Sappyfest started slowly, and for very good reason—most of the staff and attendees had gotten less than five hours of sleep the night before, and for others, the entire weekend. Before gaining my coveted media pass, I had signed up to volunteer at the Sappyfest merch tables, … Continue reading

Sappyfest 2016: Day 2

Story & Photos by Jennifer Hyc Day two of Sappyfest 2016 gifted festival-goers with perfect weather and enough music and activities to keep you going until nearly sunrise. Although festival gates opened at noon for the day’s main stage musical performances, attendees had plenty of options beyond the music. The annual Sappy Zine/Crafters Fair, held … Continue reading

Sappyfest 2016: Day 1

Story & Photos by Jennifer Hyc Happy Sappy! For starters, I will save you the grief of making a “Soppyfest” pun and just say it rained a lot on day one of the Sackville, New Bunswick festival. This may have spelled bad news for those doing last minute set-up, but rain and thunder didn’t appear … Continue reading

A Guide To Sappyfest 2016

By Jennifer Hyc, Cover Photo via Halevents New Brunswick’s best kept secret returns for its eleventh instalment this coming weekend—July 29-July 31—and from the looks of its stellar line-up, you won’t be spending much time agonizing about how Radiohead is playing just a couple of provinces west—and this is coming from someone who had a … Continue reading

Unsound Toronto 2016: Day 2

By Anu Guraya, Cover Photo By Alexa Volkov Ride on the magic school bus! It was around 8:45 and the sun was setting as the school bus (aka Unsound shuttle) made a left turn towards a massive pillar reaching towards the hidden stars. Outside the mammoth Hearn, four women were performing Turkish jams at the Canadian Music … Continue reading

Unsound Toronto 2016: Day 1

By Stuart Oakes, Photos by Alexa Volkov So, I missed Elysia Crampton. [Photographer] Alexa and I spent a while wandering through Union Station trying to find the Unsound shuttle that would supposedly take us directly to the festival, located in the Hearn Generating Station – the massive, decommissioned power plant just south-west of the Distillery … Continue reading

A Guide To Unsound Toronto 2016

By Anu Guraya & Stuart Oakes Entrancing experimental sonic landscapes span June 10th and 11th for Unsound Toronto 2016. Unsound is an electronic music initiative with headquarters in Warsaw, Poland, and sister projects in New York, Prague, London, Kiev, and Adelaide, among others. In Toronto, it runs under the umbrella of Luminato’s global multi-arts festival (June 10th-26th), effectively making … Continue reading