Show Review: Kelela at The Velvet Underground

By Anisa Moquit Kelela’s long awaited debut album, Take Me Apart, came out this October. Following 2013’s excellent Cut 4 Me mixtape, & 2015’s Hallucinogen EP, Kelela has appeared on a string of memorable albums from last year such as Solange’s A Seat at the Table, and Danny Brown’s Atrocity Exhibition. So when dates were announced for … Continue reading

Show Review: Strange Ranger/Tonemirror/Stresser

By Padraic Berting, Featured Photo via Saehee Yoon Having spent many of my formative adolescent years attending house shows in Southern New Hampshire, I leapt at the prospect of going to one in the Toronto suburbs. The night included music from Portland indie band Strange Ranger, and two local Toronto outfits: Tonemirror, a dream-rock act and … Continue reading

Lost in the Sauce: Sundae Sauuce’s Travis George on Strawberry Drizzle

By: Isaac Nikolai Fox Q-Tip once famously said, “Record company people are shady.” New York’s Sundae Sauuce proves the exact opposite. Co-founded in 2016 by high-school friends Travis George and Colin Petry, who still live blocks apart in Long Island, Sundae Sauuce is the definition of a family-and-friends project. They throw regular shows and parties headlined … Continue reading

Album Review: Weezer- “Pacific Daydream”

By Emma Wittmann, Featured Photo via Sound of Pen From the band that brought you power-pop hits like “Say It Ain’t So” and “Buddy Holly”, prepare for the overall disappointment that is Pacific Daydream. Released on October 27, 2017, Pacific Daydream is Weezer’s 11th album and continues a trend of underwhelming the general public. Starting in … Continue reading

Abuse caused Alice Glass to Depart from the Crystal Castles

By Anisha Moquit, Photos via metro. Ethan Kath, who is ten years older than Glass and Crystal Castles, the Toronto based electropunk band, garnered attention with their debut self-titled album in 2008, which quickly became a seminal work for the genre. Crystal Castles spawned several sub genres, and arguably changed the sound of electronica today. They … Continue reading

Show Review: Arcade Fire at the Air Canada Centre

By: Mena Fouda, Photos by Mena Fouda A few months ago, Canadian indie-rockers Arcade Fire released their fifth album, Everything Now. It was received with lukewarm responses from critics and fans alike, many of whom felt that only a couple of the new tunes carried the depth and creativity of the band’s earlier work. Listeners … Continue reading

Show Review: King Krule at the Danforth Music Hall

By Christiane Johnston When tickets for King Krule’s concert on October 29th came out back in August, I almost couldn’t reach for my wallet fast enough. As a fan of his first album, Six Feet Beneath the Moon, I was determined to hear the music in person, by the king himself. Difficult to describe, Krule’s … Continue reading

This is Halloween

By Christiane Johnston Photo via The spookiest night of the year has finally arrived, it’s time to tap into your dark side. whether you’re dressing up with friends, staying in, or partaking in satanic rituals, this playlist will surely put you under its spell.


By Shebli Khoury Photo via Mass Appeal Rap fans have been waiting for Atlanta’s Future and Young Thug to work on a project together for a while now, and thanks to SUPER SLIMEY, their wait is over. The album listens as one massive celebration, with the artists are revelling in fun as they do in their previous … Continue reading


By Isaac Fox, Photo/album cover by Jake Kivanc (@KivancJake) While his debut EP is named for this year’s frosty summer, Kyle Wildfern is at his warmest on It Was Never Summer,  and it is a must-listen for those unfamiliar with this gruff-voiced Brampton artist. Excepting the high-pace opener, “Keep It Low,” the EP marks a noticeable stylistic … Continue reading