By Seyi Olomodosi The fact that Hippo Campus’s formative years were spent at the Saint Paul Conservatory for Performing Artists, where the band attended high school, is clear through their instrumental prowess and lyrical artistry. This strong artistic foundation stands out in their latest release, warm glow. In the EP, their first release since their debut … Continue reading

No Achilles: How He Transitioned from Meme Rap to Lo-Fi R&B

By Isaac Fox, Photo by Ben Fattori When you’re initially known as a comedic musician, it can be hard to switch over to putting out serious music. In the past few years, Rich Brian and Joji are probably the best-known examples of artists who have successfully navigated that transition. Toronto’s  No Achilles – a.k.a. Anton … Continue reading

Music, Students, and Charity: A Look at the Annual EarthTones Benefit Concert

By Anna Stabb EarthTones is an annual benefit concert which has been running since 2000, and showcases talented students and faculty members while supporting initiatives that aid children around the world. The EarthTones Benefit Concert is co-hosted by the University of Toronto International Health Program (UTIHP) and the Faculty of Medicine, but it’s open to … Continue reading

The Story of Battle of the Bands: The Characters and Moments that Made It

By Rachel Evangeline Chiong, Photos by Brenda Gomes “It’s Battle of the Bands, where UofT bands go head to head,” I said to my friend, as I inched around the subwoofer for a good spot. “As opposed to ‘Battle of the Band,’ singular, which is just internal conflict.” The lore surrounding the event is fairly … Continue reading

Show Review: Angel Olsen at the Phoenix Concert Theatre

By Anisa Moquit, Photos By Anisa Moquit Angel Olsen’s return to Toronto was triumphant, as she performed two sold out shows at the Phoenix Theatre. I was obsessive enough a fan to have caught her on both nights. Olsen wastouring in support of the release of Phases this year—a compilation album of B-sides and rarities, … Continue reading

An Evening with Dispatch

By Felipe Vallejo, Photo via Demo sat down with Brad Corrigan (vocals, drums, guitar, percussion, and harmonica) and Chad Urmston (vocals, guitar, bass, and percussion) of Dispatch before their show at the Opera House on December 13. Based in Boston, Dispatch first emerged in 1996 and recently released America, Location 12 in June 2017 after a … Continue reading

Demo’s Best Albums of 2017

As 2017 comes to a close, it’s finally time to reassess the best albums of year. From chart topping pleasers like Lorde’s new album Melodrama, and Kendrick Lamar’s Damn, to more underrated content, Demo has voted on which albums we’ve been jamming to. So plug those earphones in, and listen to Demo’s newest favourites. Sampha, … Continue reading

A Guide to Weezer

By Joey Litvak, Photos via Joey Litvak and On May 10, 1994, alt-rock band Weezer made waves across the music world with their self-titled debut, now universally known as The Blue Album. In a time when mainstream guitar-pop was dominated by the gloom and despair of grunge bands like Nirvana and Soundgarden, Weezer came on … Continue reading

Show Review: SWMRS Dive Strongly into Waves of Punk-Rock

By Mena Fouda, Photos By Mena Fouda and Dani Mariam I wasn’t expecting to be part of four mosh pits on the evening of Saturday, December 2nd, but life can be wild. Sometimes, the universe just really wants you come out of a concert unable to walk, with your voice lost, and brain still sort … Continue reading

“Who cares if I’m pretty if I fail my finals?” – A Playlist

Playlist by Avneet Sharma, Photo by Warner Brothers Gilmore Girls taught me to romanticize university. I mean, isn’t it wonderful that we’re put in a place where our only priority is to learn? I’m sure most of you scoffed at that sentence, as there is an undeniable pessimism to being a University of Toronto student. … Continue reading