Show Review: Local Natives at The Danforth Music Hall

By Hazel Sands, Feature Photo via The Fader For the first time in three and a half years, Local Natives graced Toronto with their presence. During this leg of the tour, the opening act is the Montreal-based Little Scream, whose energy and charisma were more than enough to make up for the tech issues and lack … Continue reading

Show Review: Tim Darcy At The Drake Hotel

Story & Photos by Tyson Moll, 
Just as Wiarton’s prophecy was coming to pass, I moseyed down below the Drake Hotel, one of the most beautiful venue spaces I’ve had the chance to experience in the city. After the packed-as-sardines Homeshake concert a couple months back in the now retired Silver Dollar, it was great … Continue reading

Show Review: Priests At The Silver Dollar Room

Story & Photos by Jennifer Hyc Last Tuesday night, a respectably sized crowd gathered inside the Silver Dollar Room to escape the horrendous slushy ice storm and find refuge in Priests, a Washington, DC punk band who just released their album Nothing Feels Natural. Given the recent state of American politics, as well as the … Continue reading

Show Review: Mitski At The Mod Club Theatre

Story by Emma Kelly, Photos by Jennifer Hyc “Thank you all for being here,” Mitski Miyawaki finally murmured, after undertaking a series of painstaking adjustments and readjustments of her mic stand until it was just so. The audience, who packed the Mod Club from wall to wall, roared in response. “Thank you all for being here,” … Continue reading

Show Review: Cass McCombs At The Horseshoe Tavern

By Harry Myles, Feature Photo via Exclaim! A cheer came from the crowd as the bassist, drummer, keyboardist, and bongo player walked on stage. An unassuming man clad in a black button down shirt, ill-fitting mid-2000s jeans, and black sneakers followed soon after, armed with an electric guitar. Cass McCombs would take the audience of … Continue reading

Show Review: Gallant At The Mod Club

By Isaac Fox, Feature Photo via Twitter I wasn’t expecting to see Gallant live. Prior to Monday night, I had only heard two of his songs: the 2015 R&B slow-jam “Weight In Gold” and the new duet “Skipping Stones,” with Jhene Aiko. After my younger brother (who’s sung Gallant’s praises to me all summer) accidentally bought … Continue reading

Show Review: Jenny Hval At The Drake Hotel

By Kalina Nedelcheva, Photos by Elise Bertin *Generally, music critics go into a show with all kinds of preconceived notions—they have a pretty educated guess as to what to expect. I tried extending myself beyond this bias by arriving at the Drake Hotel without any knowledge of who Jenny Hval is or what style of music she … Continue reading

Show Review: Angel Olsen At Lee’s Palace

By Alekzia Hosein, Feature Photo via PitchPerfect//taken by Amanda Marsalis Angel Olsen played two sold out shows in Toronto over this past weekend. Sunday night’s show at Lee’s Palace drew a crowd of around five hundred turtlenecked fans, many of whom have followed her from her emotive folky beginnings to the upbeat poppy sound of … Continue reading

Show Review: Blood Orange At The Danforth Music Hall

Story and Photos by Harry Myles As the lights dimmed, a recording of Ashlee Haze reciting her poem, “For Coloured Girls (The Missy Elliot Poem),” played from the speakers. For a minute, the hall was silent save for the powerful words of Haze as the fans anxiously awaited the start of the show. A spotlight … Continue reading

Show Review: Tiny Moving Parts At Sneaky Dee’s, Bled Fest

By Grace Guimond, Feature Photo via Bandcamp Last week, math rockers Tiny Moving Parts (TMP) and southeast emos Free Throw (self-described as “the Drake of punk”) hit up Sneaky Dee’s as part of Tiny Moving Parts’ first headlining tour, in support of their latest release Celebrate. Prawn was also on the bill, but Prawn is kind … Continue reading