A Guide To Montreal’s RBMA Weekender 2017

By Stuart Oakes, Feature Photo via URSSS Because nothing says “yes, I am taking school seriously” quite like taking a vacation in September, I’m headed to Montreal to enjoy this year’s Red Bull Music Academy Weekender (“life is an adventure,” I tell myself, stuffing textbooks that I vow to read on the bus into my … Continue reading

Track Trek: Gas—“Untitled (A1)”

By Alex Ryu, Feature photo via Kompact.fm Track Trek is an irregular retrospect review of forgotten tracks of various genres that deserve a second viewing, with an analysis that describes why it deserves so. Track Trek is written by Alex Ryu. For this week, we travel to Germany, a country that holds so much history … Continue reading

Album Review: The Avalanches—“Wildflower”

By Christian Schoug, Feature Photo via Stereogum The Avalanches, an Australian electronic dance group, found extremely positive critical success and an enduring commercial attention since the release of their 2000 album, Since I Left You. After the exceptionally long 16 year hiatus between Since I Left You and their latest effort Wildflower, there has been … Continue reading

Playlist #40: out of this world

By Jessa Evenden A stellar mix for all the space cadets who are too good for planet Earth.

Playlist #36: Turn Me Loose

By Teodora Pasca An escape mix. Whether you need to get away from school or just get out of your head, plug headphones in, play, and let go.

Upcoming Releases: Arca; Clark

Venezuelan glitch producer Arca (real name Alejandro Ghersi) announced his debut album, Xen, which is to be released internationally on November 3 on Mute, and on November 4 in the United States. The 24 year-old has gained attention through a string of EPs, as well as the acclaimed mixtape &&&&& and contributions to Kanye West’s Yeezus and … Continue reading

Masked Intruders—An Interview With Zoo Owl

By Marko Cindric Who are you? It is a fundamental question of any social environment and often the first thing on a person’s mind when meeting someone new. When it comes to understanding a new subject, identification and definition are the primary steps in the process — what are you? We spend our entire lives … Continue reading

Show Review: Crystal Castles At Kool Haus

By Marko Cindric Of the numerous acts within the Toronto electronic music scene, perhaps none are as iconic as Crystal Castles, a chiptune-based duo consisting of Alice Glass on vocals and Ethan Kath on production. Reputed for their explosive live performances, I felt an almost supernatural obligation to be in the crowd during their hometown performance … Continue reading