Show Review: Local Natives at The Danforth Music Hall

By Hazel Sands, Feature Photo via The Fader For the first time in three and a half years, Local Natives graced Toronto with their presence. During this leg of the tour, the opening act is the Montreal-based Little Scream, whose energy and charisma were more than enough to make up for the tech issues and lack … Continue reading

Goddamn Exams—A Selection Of Jams

By Grace Guimond, Feature Photo via Reddit   Journal 「SOS 団」from School Days by Cat System Corp. Vaporwave artist Cat System Corp doesn’t just drop tracks, they curate an audio-visual experience, painting the backdrop to a retrofuturistic society. Each album creates a sound collage of samples where the atmosphere and experience are central to the … Continue reading

Show Review: Mitski At The Mod Club Theatre

Story by Emma Kelly, Photos by Jennifer Hyc “Thank you all for being here,” Mitski Miyawaki finally murmured, after undertaking a series of painstaking adjustments and readjustments of her mic stand until it was just so. The audience, who packed the Mod Club from wall to wall, roared in response. “Thank you all for being here,” … Continue reading

Album Review: Bon Iver—“22, A Million”

By Angelo Gio Mateo, Feature Photo via Consequence of Sound 22, A Million starts by warning us that it might be over soon. Clocking in at a total running time of just over 34 minutes, a five year wait for Bon Iver’s latest album is over and perhaps too soon. But within those 34 minutes … Continue reading

Show Review: The Temper Trap At The Phoenix

By Dede Akolo, Feature Photo via AAA Backstage Venturing to concert by one’s self is an experience all on its own. There is to dependence upon others to keep spots in line or hail down the bartender. While it was slightly lonely, the radiance of the performances at The Phoenix made up for my lack … Continue reading

Show Review: Angel Olsen At Lee’s Palace

By Alekzia Hosein, Feature Photo via PitchPerfect//taken by Amanda Marsalis Angel Olsen played two sold out shows in Toronto over this past weekend. Sunday night’s show at Lee’s Palace drew a crowd of around five hundred turtlenecked fans, many of whom have followed her from her emotive folky beginnings to the upbeat poppy sound of … Continue reading

Album Review: Local Natives—“Sunlit Youth”

By Hazel Sands, Feature Photo via Fortitude Magazine “I wanna start again” opens Sunlit Youth—a perfect summation of Local Natives’s attempt at revamping their vibe to fit into a growing festival culture. On their latest effort, they avoid stagnation by stepping away from the elaborate strings and heavy drums that marked their earlier work and moving … Continue reading

Album Review: Young The Giant—“Home Of The Strange”

By George Moshenski-Dubov, Feature Photo via by Pieter Van Hattem Young The Giant—best known for their songs “Cough Syrup,” and “My Body”—released their third studio album Home Of The Strange last month. Between then and now, Young  The Giant have slowly incorporated a taste of pop into their indie rock band in addition to … Continue reading

Opinions Were Like Kittens, I Was Giving Them Away—A Guide To Modest Mouse

By Gwen Reid, Feature Photo via EW Since their formation in 1992, Modest Mouse has burned brightly, releasing influential, poignant music that comforts souls and dances in eardrums. I started my love affair with the band when they played a live set on the television drama The O.C. at the bar where Seth Cohen worked. … Continue reading

Opinion: Is Indie Really Dead?

By Carey Roach, Feature Photo via MTV The mantra of this decade, “Indie is dead,” seems to be consistently exited the mouths of hipsters and music snobs. Although we all seem to bemoan the loss of true indie music, what really constitutes indie? Is indie an industry, an alternative genre, a subculture, or something else entirely? … Continue reading