Events in Toronto [July 10-16]

By Harry Myles, Featured Photo via Massey Hall  Looking for something fun to do this week? Check out a list of events happening in the city! Monday, July 10 $27– Soul in the City Starring Sean Jones @ Casa Loma Doors @ 5 PM Event page Tuesday, July 11 FREE– Eric St-Laurent Trio @ Trinity … Continue reading

Show Review: Local Natives at The Danforth Music Hall

By Hazel Sands, Feature Photo via The Fader For the first time in three and a half years, Local Natives graced Toronto with their presence. During this leg of the tour, the opening act is the Montreal-based Little Scream, whose energy and charisma were more than enough to make up for the tech issues and lack … Continue reading

Buskers Of The TTC—Print Issue 2016

Story and Photos by Rachel Evangeline Chiong, Cover Photo of Dieufaite This article originally appeared in demo 12, our 2015/2016 print issue. You can find a PDF of the print issue here. They are the distant echoes teasing the edges of your ears, instantly spiking your senses as you turn the corner and try to sate … Continue reading

Rizzla Rising—Print Issue 2016

By Sofia Luu, Feature Photo via Kremwerk This article originally appeared in demo 12, our 2015/2016 print issue. You can find a PDF of the print issue here. I discovered Brian Friedberg’s Twitter before I started delving into his body of work as Rizzla. In fact, it was while I was writing my article for … Continue reading

Yea But This Is Life We’re Living—A Guide To July Talk

By Felipe Vallejo, featured photo via Collective Arts Brewing One of the best feelings as a music lover is to hear that a local band has made it big in their respective scene. In Toronto, nothing can compare to how July Talk has been taking the indie scene by storm. Upon releasing their most recent … Continue reading

Show Review: Dilly Dally At Lee’s Palace

By Arman Adel, Feature Photo via one in ten words When bassist Jimmy Tony stepped onto the stage proclaiming, “F**k Trump,” you knew Dilly Dally was ready to hit the audience hard. Front woman Katie Monks stepped up to her mic screaming “CAN’T YOU RELATE TO IT?!” From that point on, the room was hers. … Continue reading

Show Review: Temples At Lee’s Palace

Story and Photos By Kalina Nedelcheva Lee’s Palace was a dreamt up transcendental realm, filled with lush harmonies and echoing cords. Temples has seen definite growth in popularity, and with good reason, from the last time they played in Toronto at the Horseshoe. Their new single “Certainty” shared many of the characteristics of Sun Structures, but … Continue reading

Show Review: FORMS Presents Laurel Halo At Longboat Hall

By Cole Firth & Melissa Vincent, Feature Photo via Little Big  In case you haven’t noticed, the Goodyear blimp has been hovering over downtown Toronto making quiet, graceful appearances in various patches of early autumn sky. In spite of its obvious connotations as an iconic marketing symbol, there is something undeniably compelling about the presence of … Continue reading

Show Review: The Temper Trap At The Phoenix

By Dede Akolo, Feature Photo via AAA Backstage Venturing to concert by one’s self is an experience all on its own. There is to dependence upon others to keep spots in line or hail down the bartender. While it was slightly lonely, the radiance of the performances at The Phoenix made up for my lack … Continue reading

Show Review: Chance The Rapper At Echo Beach

By Angelo Gio Mateo, Feature Photo via Live Nation I hate Echo Beach. It’s inaccessible and difficult to get to by public transit or by Uber. Anakin Skywalker would have hated all of the sand: it’s coarse, rough, irritating, and it gets everywhere. But tonight is Chance the Rapper’s second sold-out show in Toronto and the … Continue reading