Show Review: Local Natives at The Danforth Music Hall

By Hazel Sands, Feature Photo via The Fader For the first time in three and a half years, Local Natives graced Toronto with their presence. During this leg of the tour, the opening act is the Montreal-based Little Scream, whose energy and charisma were more than enough to make up for the tech issues and lack … Continue reading

Album Review: Local Natives—“Sunlit Youth”

By Hazel Sands, Feature Photo via Fortitude Magazine “I wanna start again” opens Sunlit Youth—a perfect summation of Local Natives’s attempt at revamping their vibe to fit into a growing festival culture. On their latest effort, they avoid stagnation by stepping away from the elaborate strings and heavy drums that marked their earlier work and moving … Continue reading

Opinion: The Top Ten Beards In Music

By Sian Last The flowing locks cascaded in a majestic white waterfall—silver streaks capturing the light as it twinkled off the perfectly capitulating cataract.  Of what does this description speak? The beard of an old man I saw in Bayfield, Wisconsin, while at an art show.  Needless to say, facial hair is awesome, and I … Continue reading