Guide: Modest Mouse

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Goddamn Exams—A Selection Of Jams

By Grace Guimond, Feature Photo via Reddit   Journal 「SOS 団」from School Days by Cat System Corp. Vaporwave artist Cat System Corp doesn’t just drop tracks, they curate an audio-visual experience, painting the backdrop to a retrofuturistic society. Each album creates a sound collage of samples where the atmosphere and experience are central to the … Continue reading

Opinions Were Like Kittens, I Was Giving Them Away—A Guide To Modest Mouse

By Gwen Reid, Feature Photo via EW Since their formation in 1992, Modest Mouse has burned brightly, releasing influential, poignant music that comforts souls and dances in eardrums. I started my love affair with the band when they played a live set on the television drama The O.C. at the bar where Seth Cohen worked. … Continue reading

Too Spooky for You—Demo’s Halloween Playlist

Header image by Stephen Gammell There’s something for everyone in Halloween – your favourite part might be carving pumpkins, dressing up in a costume, or just worshiping the devil. But when you have a night dedicated to celebrating all things creepy and macabre, things aren’t right until you set the mood with the some music. Our contributors put … Continue reading

Album Review: Modest Mouse—“Strangers To Ourselves”

By Gwen Reid Strangers to Ourselves is the highly anticipated album from Modest Mouse, whose last release was their acclaimed album We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank eight years ago. While the band continued to play live shows during the hiatus, fans patiently awaited new content. With this new release, Modest Mouse does … Continue reading

The Most Anticipated Albums Of 2015

Feature Photo via Somerset House Now that the new year’s here, we can start getting excited about new releases coming out this year. Some of them will live up to the hype. Some of them will blow our expectations out of the water. And yes, some of them will disappoint us. But for now, let’s just have … Continue reading