A Guide To Montreal’s RBMA Weekender 2017

By Stuart Oakes, Feature Photo via URSSS Because nothing says “yes, I am taking school seriously” quite like taking a vacation in September, I’m headed to Montreal to enjoy this year’s Red Bull Music Academy Weekender (“life is an adventure,” I tell myself, stuffing textbooks that I vow to read on the bus into my … Continue reading

Goddamn Exams—A Selection Of Jams

By Grace Guimond, Feature Photo via Reddit   Journal 「SOS 団」from School Days by Cat System Corp. Vaporwave artist Cat System Corp doesn’t just drop tracks, they curate an audio-visual experience, painting the backdrop to a retrofuturistic society. Each album creates a sound collage of samples where the atmosphere and experience are central to the … Continue reading

Songs Of The Summer 2012: Part Eleven

With summer in full swing, we asked our Demo contributors, some Canadian musicians and a variety of U of T students what song they hope will represent their four months of sun.  Over the next weeks, we will share what they said.  Harris (Goose Hut) Song: I Can See the Pines Are Dancing Artist: AA … Continue reading

Album Review: Cadence Weapon—”Hope In Dirt City”

By Elena Gritzan It begins with sampled strings, bongos and a reference to Tesla, signalling that Hope In Dirt City, the third album from Montreal-by-way-of-Edmonton rapper Cadence Weapon, is full of unexpected musical turns and a whole lot of pushed boundaries.  After spending two years promoting the arts and writing insightful lines as Poet Laureate in … Continue reading

Album Review: Patrick Watson—”Adventures In Your Own Backyard”

By Elena Gritzan It has been a whirlwind five years for Patrick Watson – the success of his Polaris Prize winning second album, Closer to Paradise, and his critically acclaimed third release, Wooden Arms, have seen him and his band through tour after tour, winning fans over with his evocative compositions and wavering falsetto. It … Continue reading

The Future? Maybe Not, but Grimes is Certainly Right Now

Why should people care about Grimes?  “Because it’s the future of music”, or so claims the Montreal-based artist in a recent interview. A bold claim for sure, but this is not the first time that her audio-visual project has been likened to something forward-thinking. The CBC included her song “Vanessa” in a countdown of the … Continue reading