Album Review: Rag’n’Bone Man—“Human”

By Felipe Vallejo, featured photo via Mydaybydaymusic Until recently, the name Rag’n’Bone Man was probably unheard of unless you were part of the indie hip-hop scene in rural England. After his debut release Human, his powerful soul voice is gracing the ears of people all over the world.    Born and raised off of blues … Continue reading

Song Of The Week: Lorde—“Green Light”

By Samantha Capaldi, Feature Photo via Billboard It was only a few weeks ago that I had mentioned to my friend that I was really in need of some new Lorde material. In the way that the world works, Lorde released her single, “Green Light,” soon after. The debut track off of her upcoming album, … Continue reading

Angsty 1/4 Life Crisis—A Playlist

By Lara Franklin, Feature Photo via imgur Everyone seems to have their lives together; they’re part of every club on campus, have a wicked job, a crazy scholarship, steady marks, and a shwifty new haircut. Then you look at yourself: struggling to open a textbook, wearing the same pajamas to tutorial for the fifth week in a row, and trying not to leave … Continue reading

Album Review: Post Malone—“Stoney”

By Emma Kelly, Feature Photo via Bluntiq Riding on the December release of Post Malone’s long-awaited debut studio album, Stoney, was one pertinent question: did he have the musical chops to rise above his novelty status as the millennial equivalent of Vanilla Ice (or, unkinder still, a less self-aware Redfoo from LMFAO) and actually make … Continue reading

Queer and Femme Music For Strength Against Fascism—A Playlist

By Nicholas Higgins, Feature Photo via Beautiful Savage Magazine With the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States and the widespread resurgence of fascist ideology, marginalized communities have two priorities: to take care of ourselves, and to fight back. This playlist celebrates queer and femme identity and can be used for either … Continue reading

Farewell, President Obama—A Playlist

By Harry Myles, Feature Photo via Harper’s Bazaar Farewell, President Obama. The time has come for the world to say goodbye to the man who breathed a new life into the Office of the President of the United States. During his two terms, Obama literally dropped the mic at a White House Correspondents Dinner, shared … Continue reading

‘Scuse Me While I Feel Myself—A Guide To 2016’s Women of R&B

By Savana James, Feature Photo via Complex Women in R&B truly dominated 2016 for me, with the release of countless albums, singles, and EPs keeping me hooked all year long. Listed below are a few of my personal favourites this year has blessed me with, and I hope I can impart these blessings unto you. … Continue reading

A Guide To The Best Television Soundtracks Of 2016

By Harry Myles, Feature Photo via Screen Rant The year is rapidly coming to a close and of course, countless year-end lists have now flooded the Internet, ranking the best of television, film, music, and more. However, one trend that seemed more prevalent this year than any other, was the union of music and TV. … Continue reading

Show Review: STRFKR At Lee’s Palace

Story and Photos by Harry Myles, Feature Photo via The Line of Best Fit Four astronauts walk on stage and stand in a line, staring at the crowd. Seconds later, the members of STRFKR emerge to take their positions and prepare for lift off. As the drum begins to beat, the band launches into their … Continue reading

Ghosted On Tinder—A Playlist

Playlist by Emma Kelly, Blurb by Ayla Shiblaq, Feature Photo via It’s that time of year where you probably re-downloaded Tinder for the third time because you ran out of pizza money, proactive about finding a cuddle buddy for the Gilmore Girls revival, or just want someone to cry to after slipping on ice in … Continue reading