Angsty 1/4 Life Crisis—A Playlist

By Lara Franklin, Feature Photo via imgur Everyone seems to have their lives together; they’re part of every club on campus, have a wicked job, a crazy scholarship, steady marks, and a shwifty new haircut. Then you look at yourself: struggling to open a textbook, wearing the same pajamas to tutorial for the fifth week in a row, and trying not to leave … Continue reading

Yea But This Is Life We’re Living—A Guide To July Talk

By Felipe Vallejo, featured photo via Collective Arts Brewing One of the best feelings as a music lover is to hear that a local band has made it big in their respective scene. In Toronto, nothing can compare to how July Talk has been taking the indie scene by storm. Upon releasing their most recent … Continue reading

The Demo “Best of 2016” Ballots—A Playlist

By Demo, featured photo via GotThatHipHop Believe it or not, sometimes every vote does count. Here is a song from every single vote we had in compiling our best of list, ranging from our top favourites to our newly discovered.  

Show Review: STRFKR At Lee’s Palace

Story and Photos by Harry Myles, Feature Photo via The Line of Best Fit Four astronauts walk on stage and stand in a line, staring at the crowd. Seconds later, the members of STRFKR emerge to take their positions and prepare for lift off. As the drum begins to beat, the band launches into their … Continue reading


By Stuart Oakes, Cover Photo via Ghost Emoji An (incomplete) cool list of stuff in Toronto this week! Have fun be safe go somewhere you wouldn’t normally go! Wednesday, June 1st Meow Meow (A Queer Social) – “This isn’t a loud dance party. It’s a change of pace, and a chance to converse. Bring your partners, … Continue reading

Events/Parties In Toronto [February 23-29]

By Stuart Oakes An (incomplete) cool list of stuff in Toronto this week! Have fun be safe go somewhere you wouldn’t normally go! Wednesday, February 24th Meow Meow (A Queer Social) [WARNING: We have been informed that the people behind this event *not Holy Oak* have been behind another problematic queer event, namely a previous incarnation of this that … Continue reading