In Memory of Gord Downie—A Playlist

By David Rhodes, Feature Photo via CBC Gord Downie’s music— both with The Tragically Hip and as a solo artist— is a pure expression of human spirit and emotion. He questioned and defined what it meant to be Canadian and remained in constant dialogue with our country and its people. Like for many of us, Gord … Continue reading

A Moment for Yourself—A Playlist

By Yiqi Luo (Betty), Feature Photo via YouTube One gets lost when emotions are buried in the pace of life. Sometimes we want to stop and say something, but we keep going. How long have we been neglecting ourselves because of stress, ignoring our hearts because of fear? Perhaps very few of us take a pause to … Continue reading

Queer and Femme Music For Strength Against Fascism—A Playlist

By Nicholas Higgins, Feature Photo via Beautiful Savage Magazine With the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States and the widespread resurgence of fascist ideology, marginalized communities have two priorities: to take care of ourselves, and to fight back. This playlist celebrates queer and femme identity and can be used for either … Continue reading

I Want My Scalps—A Playlist

By Grace Guimond, Feature Photo via Alamo Drafthouse Cinema There’s not many words that can be used to describe the events of the past few weeks without sounding like you’re reading a list from a thesaurus, or a description from a Lemony Snicket novel. When we’re drowning ourselves in Medium think-pieces and shitty memes and … Continue reading

Revolution Songs—A Take Care Playlist

By Savana James, Feature Photo via Blanton Museum of Art It’s good to fight the good fight, but they sure can be exhausting. Revolutions are tireless work, and can get the best of you. At times, we need to take a moment to step back and reflect to step away from the fight, check in … Continue reading

Demo Playlist #25: Chromatism

By Elena Gritzan I can’t be the only one who is 100 per cent ready for this season to be over. There’s something extra tortuous about walking to a midterm when a scarf is covering your raw face and you’re staring at the colourless landscape around you. In honour of the colours we are currently … Continue reading

Demo Playlist #16: The Autumn Calm

by Ally Scandolo Midterms are underway but the most beautiful season is too. Take some time to mellow out, enjoy the serenity of the cold weather, and cozy up in your warm sweaters. So keep your head up during these stressful times and take a look at those autumn colours and have a pumpkin-spiced-something while … Continue reading

Demo Playlist #15: Low and Dirty

by Kalina Nedelcheva Hello to all of your tortured souls, I poured my heart and soul for you to conduct a mix of the dirtiest bass lines, the sexiest solos, and the loudest drums. This is as low as it gets, enjoy! PS: Midterms suck.  

Demo Playlist #14: Doomed Relationships

By Stuart Oakes I crafted a tragic tale using only pop songs sung by female vocalists. Why? To celebrate Lorde’s “Royals” being only the 8th song to ever hit #1 on both the Alternative and Hot 100 charts, signifying the demise of hipster culture and the dawning of a frightfully exciting chapter for mankind. Or … Continue reading

Demo Playlist #13: View From Your Bedroom Window at 3am

Cry ’bout it. -Al Janusis