Song Of The Week: Lorde—“Green Light”

By Samantha Capaldi, Feature Photo via Billboard It was only a few weeks ago that I had mentioned to my friend that I was really in need of some new Lorde material. In the way that the world works, Lorde released her single, “Green Light,” soon after. The debut track off of her upcoming album, … Continue reading

Album Review: Alicia Keys—“Here”

By Alex Ryu, Feature Photo via Alicia Keys Daily The year of 2016 has been, arguably, the year of the message. From politics to sports, it’s been a continuous trekking progress that is still evolving to this day. You can hear several female artists becoming more conscious with their work, making us one step closer … Continue reading

Playlist #39: Loud Neighbours

By Leanna Luckhardt Listen to these with headphones.

Album Review: Miley Cyrus—”Bangerz”

By Sian Last Alright Miley fans and “hataz,”  I’m going to do something a little crazy: I’m going to spend this review talking about – wait for it – not Ms. Cyrus’ body or tattoos or the fact that she rode a wrecking ball naked (which must have been so cold), but her music—her new … Continue reading