Weirdo Rock: 10 Recent Releases from Beyond Left Field

By Adam Smith, Featured Photo of Ava Rocha via Red Bull Rock is dead, which is fine because it means the rulebooks have all been burned up alongside the guitars and aging groupies. Luckily, the internet and lack of platinum expectations has led to wilder experimentation in recent years. Once long-forgotten, niche scenes are more … Continue reading

Album Review: Foxygen—“Hang”

By Tyson Moll, Feature Photo via Cara Robbins/Pitch Perfect PR Foxygen want you to believe that their fourth album Hang is a “cosmic California death game of highway chicken”; a limbo between life and death. Hang is taking a rather maximalist approach. In this, it departs from the psychedelic-folk of previous albums, such as 2013’s acclaimed We are … Continue reading

Track Trek: Aerosmith & Run DMC—“Walk This Way”

By Alex Ryu, Feature Photo via Team Rock Track Trek is an irregular retrospect review of forgotten tracks of various genres that deserve a second viewing, with an analysis that describes why it deserves so. Track Trek is written by Alex Ryu. When and how do you remake or extend an original piece for the … Continue reading

Album Review: Old Gray—“Slow Burn”

By Grace Guimond, Feature Photo via Old Gray Bandcamp Slow Burn is the kind of record that never should have to be written. Slow Burn is the kind of record that everyone hopes they will never have to write, that no one ever wants to have to write–– except for when the pain becomes so … Continue reading

Show Review: Dilly Dally At Lee’s Palace

By Arman Adel, Feature Photo via one in ten words When bassist Jimmy Tony stepped onto the stage proclaiming, “F**k Trump,” you knew Dilly Dally was ready to hit the audience hard. Front woman Katie Monks stepped up to her mic screaming “CAN’T YOU RELATE TO IT?!” From that point on, the room was hers. … Continue reading

Show Review: Temples At Lee’s Palace

Story and Photos By Kalina Nedelcheva Lee’s Palace was a dreamt up transcendental realm, filled with lush harmonies and echoing cords. Temples has seen definite growth in popularity, and with good reason, from the last time they played in Toronto at the Horseshoe. Their new single “Certainty” shared many of the characteristics of Sun Structures, but … Continue reading

Opinions Were Like Kittens, I Was Giving Them Away—A Guide To Modest Mouse

By Gwen Reid, Feature Photo via EW Since their formation in 1992, Modest Mouse has burned brightly, releasing influential, poignant music that comforts souls and dances in eardrums. I started my love affair with the band when they played a live set on the television drama The O.C. at the bar where Seth Cohen worked. … Continue reading

Demo Playlist #15: Low and Dirty

by Kalina Nedelcheva Hello to all of your tortured souls, I poured my heart and soul for you to conduct a mix of the dirtiest bass lines, the sexiest solos, and the loudest drums. This is as low as it gets, enjoy! PS: Midterms suck.  

Women Who Rock

By Aviva Lev-Aviv It’s time to honour some of the fierce ladies in rock, past and present. In a primarily male-dominated scene, it is not always easy for women to establish themselves as tough rockers that are just as legitimate as their male counterparts, but these gals have worked hard to successfully do just that. … Continue reading