Album Review: Weezer- “Pacific Daydream”

By Emma Wittmann, Featured Photo via Sound of Pen From the band that brought you power-pop hits like “Say It Ain’t So” and “Buddy Holly”, prepare for the overall disappointment that is Pacific Daydream. Released on October 27, 2017, Pacific Daydream is Weezer’s 11th album and continues a trend of underwhelming the general public. Starting in … Continue reading

Ghosted On Tinder—A Playlist

Playlist by Emma Kelly, Blurb by Ayla Shiblaq, Feature Photo via It’s that time of year where you probably re-downloaded Tinder for the third time because you ran out of pizza money, proactive about finding a cuddle buddy for the Gilmore Girls revival, or just want someone to cry to after slipping on ice in … Continue reading

Album Review: Weezer—“Everything Will Be Alright In The End”

By Gwen Reid It’s difficult for any band to continue to produce albums with the same freshness, wit, and innovation as their debut album. Everything Will Be Alright in the End is the ninth studio album by Weezer, and one of the best they’ve put out in a long time. However, it’s hard not to … Continue reading

Track Reviews: Angel Olsen, Ariel Pink, Childish Gambino, Damien Rice, Godflesh, Lydia Ainsworth, Kendrick Lamar, Miley Cyrus, Run The Jewels, Weezer

Angel Olsen – “All Right Now” Angel Olsen’s album Burn Your Fire for No Witness was one of my favourite albums this year. The recently released deluxe edition features some juicy tracks, including a personal favourite, “All Right Now”. The song, however, seems a bit removed from Angel Olsen’s recent repertoire; in Burn Your Fire, … Continue reading

Album Review: Tokyo Police Club—”Forcefield”

By Ayla Shiblaq Since their 2011 release, Champ, Tokyo Police Club has continued to make fun, upbeat music. This upbeat theme takes on a totally new form in Forcefield, where TPC begins its steady evolution from being an indie rock group to an indie pop group. In an earlier interview with Exclaim!, TPC describe their … Continue reading