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Album Review: The xx—“I See You”

By Alex Ryu, Featured photo via DIY Mag Not even a decade since the release of xx, the trio of Romy Madley Croft, Jamie xx, and Oliver Sim have made their marks on the music industry. Who knew that what was once a quartet band from the prestigious Elliott school (the same school that gave … Continue reading

Mutek 2009

Track Trek: Gas—“Untitled (A1)”

By Alex Ryu, Feature photo via For this week, we travel to Germany, a country that holds so much history and experience in terms of music. Practically everything you’ve heard – ranging from classical, rock, pop to electronic  – wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the pioneers of the third largest music market in … Continue reading


Track Trek: Black Star (Yasiin Bey [Mos Def] & Talib Kweli)—“Brown Skin Lady”

By Alex Ryu, Feature Photo via OkayPlayer Pop culture is an ongoing, adapting, and changing phenomenon that continues to keep the world on their leisurely interests and pleasures, often for better or for worse. For every Ice Bucket challenge, there is a Nekonomination. For every Cash Mob, there are those Scary Clown Sightings. For every Dance … Continue reading


Album Review: Old Gray—“Slow Burn”

By Grace Guimond, Feature Photo via Old Gray Bandcamp Slow Burn is the kind of record that never should have to be written. Slow Burn is the kind of record that everyone hopes they will never have to write, that no one ever wants to have to write–– except for when the pain becomes so … Continue reading


Album Review: Run The Jewels—“RTJ3”

By Angelo Gio Mateo, Feature Photo via Pitchfork If Chance the Rapper’s Coloring Book (2016) represented optimism in this awful year, then Run the Jewels RTJ3 (2016) is its antithesis. Killer Mike and El-P are back with another hard-hitting and abrasive record. The album was originally slated to be released on January 13th 2017, but Christmas … Continue reading


PLAYLIST: The Demo “Best of 2016” Ballots

By Demo, featured photo via GotThatHipHop Believe it or not, sometimes every vote does count. Here is a song from every single vote we had in compiling our best of list, ranging from our top favourites to our newly discovered.  


Demo’s Best Albums of 2016

By Demo, Feature Photo via Rolling Stone 2016 may have sucked in pretty much every single regard, but music this year did have a silver lining. Big-name releases from Rihanna to Frank Ocean (finally) had us buzzing, to new favourites, Mitski, and modern legends, Radiohead. Here’s how some of these releases, and more, faired in … Continue reading


Best Albums of 2016: Honourable Mentions

By Demo, Feature Photo via Digital Spy Narrowing down the albums of the year to ten was a truly difficult task, so here are some of the many albums we unfortunately eliminated (but still love dearly).   Blood Orange – Freetown Sound [Domino Records]     Blood Orange, whether or not he disappoints, leaves his past art … Continue reading


Guide: Women of R&B in 2016

By Savana James, Feature Photo via Complex Women in R&B truly dominated 2016 for me, with the release of countless albums, singles, and EPs keeping me hooked all year long. Listed below are a few of my personal favourites this year has blessed me with, and I hope I can impart these blessings unto you. … Continue reading


Guide: The Best Television Soundtracks Of 2016

By Harry Myles, Feature Photo via Screen Rant The year is rapidly coming to a close and of course, countless year-end lists have now flooded the Internet, ranking the best of television, film, music, and more. However, one trend that seemed more prevalent this year than any other, was the union of music and TV. … Continue reading