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Show Review: SWMRS Dive Strongly into Waves of Punk-Rock

By Mena Fouda, Photos By Mena Fouda and Dani Mariam I wasn’t expecting to be part of four mosh pits on the evening of Saturday, December 2nd, but life can be wild. Sometimes, the universe just really wants you come out of a concert unable to walk, with your voice lost, and brain still sort … Continue reading

“Who cares if I’m pretty if I fail my finals?” – A Playlist

Playlist by Avneet Sharma, Photo by Warner Brothers Gilmore Girls taught me to romanticize university. I mean, isn’t it wonderful that we’re put in a place where our only priority is to learn? I’m sure most of you scoffed at that sentence, as there is an undeniable pessimism to being a University of Toronto student. … Continue reading

Relax, It’s All Going to be Okay: A Playlist for Picking Yourself Up

By Alisha Farrow, Photo Via melkshamoak.wilts.sch.uk Exams got you down? Have you been wiping your tears on your essay papers? Everyone has those days, especially around exam season. Take a break to comfort yourself with some chill and poppy tunes while those papers dry.

Show Review: Global Sonic Takeover presents Dia de los Muertos

By Kalina Nedelcheva, Photos by Lancaster Pictures On November 3rd, the hidden jewel with bicycles hanging from the ceiling hosted another DIY show.  CineCycle seems to be establishing itself as an obvious choice for emerging artists and promoters. In June, it was the stage for newly formed organization Black Siren’s all-ages concerts, and in November, … Continue reading

Review: Indie Week

By Vivian Li, Featured Photo via Indie Week Indie Week, which ran from November 7 to November 12, 2017, consisted of various workshops to help emerging and established independent artists achieve their goals in the music industry. I attended two panels, “Getting Your Songs on the Radio” and “Music Publishing”, with each consisting of industry professionals … Continue reading

Show Review: Slowdive at Massey Hall

By Isaac Nikolai Fox (@1nikofox). Photo via twitter.com Slowdive’s second show in Toronto since returning from their 22-year hiatus was nothing short of excellent. From the first chord, they had the audience (a mix of older fans in their 40’s/50’s, and new fans in their late teens and mid-20’s) captured. With the band’s original line-up … Continue reading

Show Review: Kelela at The Velvet Underground

By Anisa Moquit Kelela’s long awaited debut album, Take Me Apart, came out this October. Following 2013’s excellent Cut 4 Me mixtape, & 2015’s Hallucinogen EP, Kelela has appeared on a string of memorable albums from last year such as Solange’s A Seat at the Table, and Danny Brown’s Atrocity Exhibition. So when dates were announced for … Continue reading

Show Review: Strange Ranger/Tonemirror/Stresser

By Padraic Berting, Featured Photo via Saehee Yoon Having spent many of my formative adolescent years attending house shows in Southern New Hampshire, I leapt at the prospect of going to one in the Toronto suburbs. The night included music from Portland indie band Strange Ranger, and two local Toronto outfits: Tonemirror, a dream-rock act and … Continue reading

Lost in the Sauce: Sundae Sauuce’s Travis George on Strawberry Drizzle

By: Isaac Nikolai Fox Q-Tip once famously said, “Record company people are shady.” New York’s Sundae Sauuce proves the exact opposite. Co-founded in 2016 by high-school friends Travis George and Colin Petry, who still live blocks apart in Long Island, Sundae Sauuce is the definition of a family-and-friends project. They throw regular shows and parties headlined … Continue reading

Album Review: Weezer- “Pacific Daydream”

By Emma Wittmann, Featured Photo via Sound of Pen From the band that brought you power-pop hits like “Say It Ain’t So” and “Buddy Holly”, prepare for the overall disappointment that is Pacific Daydream. Released on October 27, 2017, Pacific Daydream is Weezer’s 11th album and continues a trend of underwhelming the general public. Starting in … Continue reading