Album Review: Dum Dum Girls—”Too True”

By Brandon Benguaich

These girls are far from “dum.” Too True, the third studio album by New York-based indie-pop band Dum Dum Girls, was released on January 28.  The name Dum Dum Girls is a reference to an album by The Vaselines titled Dum Dum, and an Iggy Pop song called “Dum Dum Boys”. This is an album that has the power to hook people who would not previously have called themselves fans.

Too True was produced by Richard Gottehrer who had previously produced the debut albums of bands Blondie, the Go-Go’s, and Sune Rose Wagner of The Raveonettes,.  If you’ve listened to The Raveonettes before, you will likely pickup their influence in the Dum Dum Girls, which is full of basic back beats and simplistic harmonic structures, which actually works quite well.  Interestingly enough, according to the liner notes, Sun Rose Wagner played additional guitar, synthesizer, bass, and drums on Too True.

The single “Lost Boys and Girls Club”was released in October, and it pretty much encompasses the feel of the album.  A synth emulates the melody of the chorus over the lyrics: “There’s no particular place we are going, still we are going.” After a closer listening, I began to notice their minimalistic use of texture. To compensate for their lack of instrument layers, loads of reverb is added which fills out the sound a lot. The repetitious drum beat radiates through your body and you’re forced to bang your head in succession.

Other stand-out tracks were “Rimaud Eyes”. It makes me feel like I’m driving down a desolate desert highway. “Evil Blooms” gives their music a better sense of stability, given that it’s obvious a drum machine was used.  Too True is great overall because you can just sit back and listen to it. There’s no need to write a symphony to entice your listener, so why not pick up a copy? (Sub Pop)


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