Album Review: The Pretty Reckless—”Going To Hell”

By Kalina Nedelcheva

The second studio album by American rock band, The Pretty Reckless, is out and it is not for the faint of heart, because Taylor Momsen has gone out of control!

The Pretty Reckless album cover.

The Pretty Reckless’ Going to Hell album cover.

The opening of this bible of rebellion is the song “Follow Me Down,” but the first sound is not huge guitar riffs and the voice of the Queen of Satan herself. No, the first 30 seconds are dedicated to heavy breathing and orgasmic sounds. The listener can easily put two and two together to realize that this is simulated sex. Many would find that offensive, but the reality is that Taylor is one daring chick, striving to fit the image she created for herself post-Gossip Girl. As she brings in the pipes, she once again wows the audience with her vocal abilities, fluctuating between high-pitched screams and calming yet sinister lower notes. It’s hard not to continue listening.

In the midst of her performance and impersonation of a naughty Catholic schoolgirl, the rest of the band kicks into a head-banging instrumental frenzy, mixing their grunge sound with fast paced riffs. In “Sweet Things,” Ben Phillips, the lead guitarist, joins in with a less daring and more submissive vocal style as he backs up Momsen. A nice contrast is formed between the two voices, evoking something similar to the conflict between Momsen screaming that she is going to hell and the choir of catholic children in the video for the song “Heaven Knows.”

After a few more songs of Momsen straining her vocal chords to their fullest extent and sexually depriving teenage boys everywhere, the nudity and the sizzling electric chords stop for the final song, “Waiting for a Friend.” As a playful harmonica sings in the background and some basic acoustic action kicks in, Momsen sings, “There’s a stone cold bars on my door for this stone cold heart,” and that she’s waiting on someone important. During the final song of the album, Momsen has cracked her seductive shell and has exposed her heart and innermost desires to the public.

Here’s everything you need to know about Going to Hell: it features leather and profanity, and it may increase sexuality in all age groups. It’s basically the music your mother warned you about, so listen with caution. (Razor & Tie)


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