Song Of The Week: Scribe—“On My Way”

By Rachel Evangeline Chiong

This song is the love song that I needed. Like a real love story, there are things to hate and love about the TTC, and Scribe doesn’t hold back. Without having to blare an obnoxious anthem peppered with ‘eh’s?’ and cynicism, he is refreshingly honest. Yet like a real love story, he raps with a fondness that softened after years of growing up with the transit system.

It takes skill to turn a list of bus routes into music. Isolating familiar sounds we’ve drowned into white noise, then placing them in unfamiliar territories. From the hissing TTC doors to the sounds of the rattling tracks underneath, no song has ever made me feel so at home as this one. It’s hard for me to unravel my sentimentally to point out the objective reasons why you should listen to this.

So instead I will tell you that this song is magic. I close my eyes and immediately I am in a good place. In a blink I appear sitting in the corner of a subway car, watching the world race by, while I pretend I’m traveling into the future. Scribe plays on the irony that we listen to music on the TTC in order to escape the monotony of our commute, hoping it’ll bring us father away from our immediate surroundings as possible. But instead, here is a song that makes you appreciate real life, and the experience of traveling through the veins of the GTA everyday.


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