Album Review: Little Mix—“Get Weird”

By Savana James

The debut of Little Mix’s third studio album, Get Weird, shows the beginning of a new era for this powerhouse girl band. They have talented roots, being the first group ever to win British talent competition The X-Factor. The band went on to record what has now become three full length studio albums, becoming one of the most popular girl groups in the UK.

Their third album marks the bands emergence into the North American music scene, attempting to make their mark as an internationally popular act. The band cancelled their last tour in support of their last album, Salute, in order to write and record this album. The cancellation crushed the hearts of many North American Little Mix fans, myself included. The last year has been an anxious wait for the album that put their international emergence on hold. And thus, this album has emerged: Get Weird has finally arrived.

Album art for Get Weird

Album art for Get Weird

If their last album Salute had made waves, this album is something of a tsunami. And it was definitely worth the wait. The album’s singles, “Black Magic” and “Love Me Like You” have gained attention on the charts, and the album lives up to the hype the band has been building. This album shows the band diversifying their sound and experimenting with musical styles. It’s got a little bit of everything, from addictive pop and moving ballads, to more funk inspired beats, rap verses, and stunning a capella vocals.

Outside of their singles, the album features some notable tracks. “A.D.I.D.A.S.” is one of the bolder songs on the album. Its lyrics are raunchy and sexy, and the cool beat makes it too addictive to turn off. (Plus, the 6’s very own Aubrey Graham wrote on the track!) “Weird People” is a feel-good power anthem, with a rock undertone that, for whatever reason, gives me Rocky Horror Picture Show vibes. “OMG” is heavy on the synth and bass, and paired with its sassy lyrics it’ll definitely have you dancing. Grown has a fast beat to move along to, with some great brass and drums, and a surprisingly sick beat drop.

This album is full of gem after gem, all of them songs you’ll be itching to dance and sing along to. My personal favourite is the bands a capella track, “The End”. This song really showcases the talent these girls have as a group: they know how to harmonize, and show off the vocals that prove they have the talent to back up their pop act. This album really shows that these girls are hungry and ready to prove themselves as artists. They are much more than pop songs and glittery outfits: they have strong vocals, flawless harmonies, feel-good lyrics, and a certain attitude that have helped to establish them as a group to watch.

All in all, Get Weird is a breakout album for Little Mix, proving their dominance and talent. And it’s just plain fun. I encourage anyone to give this album a chance. Theres definitely something for everyone here, and it marks this group as an act to watch as they move onto the international scene. And besides, who doesn’t love a good girl band? (Syco)

Listen: “Black Magic”


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