Show Review: Priests At The Silver Dollar Room

Story & Photos by Jennifer Hyc

Last Tuesday night, a respectably sized crowd gathered inside the Silver Dollar Room to escape the horrendous slushy ice storm and find refuge in Priests, a Washington, DC punk band who just released their album Nothing Feels Natural. Given the recent state of American politics, as well as the weather outside this season, the title seems fitting.

Bald Britney kicked us off with a playful yet cutting set. In just a few songs, they vocally flipped off “mansplainers,” took us on a trip to Dufferin Mall, and ripped through a punk rock cover of “Everytime” by Britney Spears. As someone whose mood is very easily impacted by the weather outside, namely bad weather, they were my antidote.

Next up were Snail Mail, a Baltimore-based lo-fi band who have garnered enough respect to keep them on everyone’s radar for the next little while, though only having taken their first steps onto the scene recently. The songs were romantic, with some raspy flare added thanks to vocalist Lindsey Jordan’s cough. I try to avoid comparisons with other artists whenever possible, but the glaring one throughout the set was Julien Baker. The soulfulness and yearning in Jordan’s voice was captivating, as was demonstrated by the crowd persuading them into an encore.


I don’t think I could have been adequately prepared for the sheer magnitude and force that was Priests. Brandishing a sweater with “Gimme Head Till I’m Dead” on the back, Katie Alice Greer became a physical manifestation of the oncoming storm. They were angry and ready to raise some hell. There isn’t much to protest music if it doesn’t inspire, so it was especially great when Priests commanded the entire room and weren’t afraid to take the opportunity to let the world know how they really feel. Katie Greer is the kind of leader you would follow into the apocalypse while fighting bigotry and overthrowing capitalist pigs and dirty politicians. Priests as a whole were an intense and tight unit who are bound to bleed out of the constraints of physical space and sound.


As I headed out that (week) night, I felt newly energized and not quite able to sleep soundly afterwards. It’s bands like Priests that will inspire others to act out against injustice and towards true equity. Until then, there is more work to be done.

jen Hyc Priests 4.JPG

Snail Mail

jen Hyc Priests 3.JPG



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