Songs Of The Summer 2014: Part One

This winter was brutal, but we’ve been waiting for summer and now it’s here! Just like last year, we asked our Demo contributors to share a song that reflects their summer so you can have a soundtrack for yours.

By Maria Sokulsky-Dolnycky, 5th Year, Linguistics/German Studies/Music History & Culture

Song: Here Comes The Sun

Artist: The Beatles

Album: Abbey Road

This is a monumental summer; it is the first summer since I started attending U of T back in 2010 that I haven’t enrolled in summer courses at said institution, and it feels frightfully good. This change in routine offers the perfect opportunity to get outside and take back all the simple pleasures of summer that this city has to offer. I plan on hunting for used books in the Junction and reading for pleasure under shade trees in High Park; biking by the lake and lying in the grass cloud watching in Mimico; riding the Queen streetcar from Long Branch to Neville Park, taking the subway up to Bessarion station and exploring the winding streets of Toronto on foot. Basically, I have decided that I want this summer to be all about relaxing, clearing my head, taking it easy, and feeling good — replacing the clouds with sunshine, if you will. A song that I feel does just that, and embodies undiluted optimism and warmth, is “Here Comes The Sun,” off of The Beatles’ quintessential Abbey Road. This track is undeniably happy and hopeful, and I can’t help but feel good when I listen to it. Here’s to a summer that is as buoyant and beatific as this song.


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