Songs Of The Summer 2014: Part Three

This winter was brutal, but we’ve been waiting for summer and now it’s here! Just like last year, we asked our Demo contributors to share a song that reflects their summer so you can have a soundtrack for yours.

By Ayla Shiblaq, 2nd Year, Social Sciences

Song: Leisure Suit Preben

Artist: Todd Terje

Album: It’s Album Time

The summers before and after Grade 10 were probably the most important years of my life, musically speaking. I discovered artists like St. Vincent, Beach House, Sufjan Stevens, and Air, which opened new doors in the discovery of music and, although corny, myself. After about two years of constantly listening to Air’s “Moon Safari,” I completely exhausted the album. It’s a classic and I will always love it, but I yearned for something that had the same quirky additions and chic disco feel to fill the summer music void. With no sign of Air releasing anything after their soundtrack for the 2012 revitalization of George Melies’ Le Voyage dans la Lune, Todd Terje’s release of It’s Album Time was exactly what I needed, especially the track, “Leisure Suit Preben.”

When I’m travelling from streetcar to subway, from subway to GO Train, this song makes me feel like I’m floating in space. I hate commuting from the suburbs to the city, but this song makes my commute feel like I’m on an intergalactic adventure, where the skyscrapers in the downtown core are other planets, and the monotonous homes in the suburbia look like stars. It’s a great reunion with a point in my life that I had not entirely abandoned, but evolved from.

I advise for all you city folk trapped in the suburbs for the summer (or lucky city folk) to get up, put on your favourite summer street wear, turn on “Leisure Suit Preben,” and take a GO train to the city in preparation for your adventure to space.


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