Album Review: Cairo—“A History Of Reasons”

By Claire Cowan

Hailing from local grounds of Toronto, indie group Cairo releases their first full LP, A History of Reasons on MapleMusic Recordings; truly bringing my focus back to the amazing sounds that can come out of the indie scene. Having the chance to hear them live in an intimate venue downtown, I found their raw talent. Nate Daniels belts out clean and soulful vocals on each track, blending in perfect harmony with Caitlin Grieve’s violin, Matt Sullivan’s drum rhythms, and Dante Berardi’s guitar. This dynamic grouping of people creates an incredible album, which proves that 2015 is already a great year for Canadian music.

Album art for A History of Reasons

Album art for A History of Reasons

A History of Reasons showcases the strongest track lineup that the group has to offer at this particular time (no doubt they’ll continue on an upward spiral from here), with the self-titled track of the album making big moves on iTunes and YouTube. This was the particular sound that hooked me to dig deeper into the album, where the instrumental and vocal power shows no signs of letting up. Transitioning smoothly into “With You”, the percussion gives the same chest-pounding emotion that has been seen from some of the greats, including Mumford and Sons, M83, and so on. Hearing a violin be placed into the mix of powerful vocals and instrumentals creates a feeling of calm throughout the chaos that is their uniquely talented group. This album is the material that will give off a feeling of nostalgia years down the road, as a soundtrack to the days where you were looking to find yourself, navigating through life in search of your position in relation to the rest of the world. This album will be included in some of our fondest memories as soon as you let it in, as it sets itself apart from anything I have heard coming out of the area in the indie folk scene.

If you see these guys on any upcoming show, do yourself a favour and check them out, as their live shows are undeniably amazing. This album does not disappoint, and I look forward to seeing this group gaining the recognition it so rightfully deserves. Sometimes I really love you, Canada, thanks for making cool people that make cool music. (MapleMusic)

Listen: “A History of Reasons”


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