Rewind: Supertramp—“Take The Long Way Home”

By Jessica Turner

Throwback Thursday is the time of the week I dig up my parent’s old records and am transported to a time when classic rock blasted from every car stereo and occupied all the mix tapes at the neighbourhood parties. The 80s were a time of change, hair took up a lot more space than it usually did, and cigarette smoke billowed from beyond the bleachers on the football field. So hairspray that hair and paint those fingernails black, we’re going old school.

Supertramp is the definitive band of the art rock generation. Their catchy melodies and bouncy piano riffs put a spring in my step, especially on those rainy days walking to class (the harmonica riffs are almost as amazing as Eric Clapton). My current favourite, “Take the Long Way Home”, defines every wanderlust-stricken individual who can’t manage to keep their fleet planted on the ground. Those curious souls that are always searching for winding roads that leave you staring at the constellations, far beyond the haze and volume of the city; this song is addressed to you.

Back in a time when beer was cheap and fast cars roared down the black top streets, all anyone wanted to do was get lost in the world. My dad always said to me growing up that if you took the road less travelled by you would find something worth while, which is the route that Supertramp is taking with “Take the Long Way Home”. It takes you away from the stresses of studying for anthro and towards the serendipity in exploring a new world with fresh eyes. Its easy to get lost in Rick Davies’s smooth tenor voice as he sings, “When you look through the years and see what you could have been oh, what might have been, if you’d had more time,” encouraging us to spend more time exploring rather than remaining stuck in a place you hate.

When everyone is running to get somewhere it is nice to sometimes stand back and let your mind wander. When you feel yourself disappearing, take the subway to a new place and let the art rock harmonies of Supertramp mould you a new perspective. Even when its crowded on the streetcar, at least you took the long way home.


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