Album Review: Carrie Underwood—“Storyteller”

By Tara Henechowicz

Carrie Underwood is well into her tenth year since winning American Idol and has celebrated through the release of another classic country album, Storyteller. Reflective of her groundbreaking decade-long career, Storyteller is a classic as we know it, filled with powerful and passionate country and rock productions: fuelled electric guitars in tracks like “Renegade Runaway”, foot-stomping country beats and bluesy baselines in “Church Bells” and “Choctaw County Affair,” and sob songs about reality in “Smoke Break” and “The Girl You Think I Am.”

Album art for Storyteller

Album art for Storyteller

Ever since I first heard “Jesus Take the Wheel” from Underwood’s 2004 best-selling album Some Hearts, I have been enchanted by country’s unique ability to tell stories from all walks of life. Country music as a genre often faces ridicule for songs like Kip Moore’s “Something ‘Bout a Truck”, featuring booze, girls, and trucks aplenty. However, Carrie Underwood’s brand of country digs deeper into real stories about the country lifestyle. Underwood touches the hearts of country lovers through her lyrics about the struggles of American life like faith, alcoholism, love and loss. However, Storyteller is relatable not only to people living in the American South, but anywhere in the world.

If I had to choose one song to highlight from Storyteller, I would definitely pick “The Girl You Think I Am”. In this soft ballad, Underwood paints the classic story of daddy’s little girl and the crippling self-doubt involved with growing up and trying to make your own way. In its motivating chorus, Underwood reflects on her parents’ unconditional love and care. Equally a strong track, “The Girl You Think I Am” serves as a message that you are never alone, and that self-doubt is something all of us deal with. Not only that but “The Girl You Think I Am” also reminds you to believe in the uniqueness and talent that other people see in you.

This coming fall weekend, if you want to cuddle up with a few relatable, heartfelt stories, Carrie Underwood’s Storyteller is chicken soup for the soul. In addition to the “The Girl You Think I Am”, Storyteller‘s four Billboard-topping singles, “Smoke Break”, “Heartbeat”, “Renegade Runaway”, and “What I Never Knew But Always Wanted” are all unique, magnificent tracks that are each reminiscent of Carrie’s past five albums. Nevertheless, I could dance to or belt out every song on this album every day for the next life time — Storyteller will stay magical and relevant for decades. (Arista Nashville)

Listen: “The Girl You Think I Am”


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