Rewind: My Chemical Romance—“Welcome To The Black Parade”

By Samantha Capaldi, Feature Photo via Pinterest

I am not sure if I have started listening to My Chemical Romance again because of the looming tenth anniversary of The Black Parade, or if I am just reverting back to my inner emo self from 2006, but “Welcome To The Black Parade” has found itself back on repeat lately.

When “Welcome To The Black Parade” was released, I was eleven years old. I remember first seeing the band on the song’s music video, which was played on MuchMusic everyday after school. “Welcome To The Black Parade” came out before Youtube was really big, and before I had an iPod, so Much was the only way I even got to hear the track.  I was obsessed with the song and the video, with both being so haunting and emotional (although as an eleven year old I can’t think of how I could have related to any of it).

Ten years later, “Welcome To The Black Parade” has become an anthem for the emo/alternative era of music from the mid-2000s. The chilling opening piano notes remind us all of our time in either middle or high school, where we expressed our (mostly unwarranted) youthful angst by listening to My Chemical Romance.


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