Show Review: Born Gold At The Drake Underground

By Elena Gritzan

October 1st`s annual all-night art celebration Nuit Blanche is always packed with creativity, invention, and fun times. Add music into the mix and you get this year`s Born Gold show at the Drake Underground. Previously known as Gobble Gobble, this Edmonton-based band has been releasing exuberant noise-pop singles for over a year now. Their forward-thinking approach to electronic music culminated in the release of their debut album Bodysongs, and Nuit Blanche served as the perfect backdrop to celebrate this.

Born Gold`s live shows are visually stunning. Think bright coloured lights, stilts, and outfits involving tin foil and very short shorts. They are definitely not afraid to get the audience involved, letting those in the front hit drums and giving people high-fives. At one point band member Calvin McElroy even walked into the crowd, on stilts playing a giant shovel as an instrument. Frontman Cecil Frena encouraged dancing to keep the enthusiastic energy up and sang out anthemic lines like “I don’t want to live without it”.

This is really a band that knows how to get people moving. Mixing both previously released singles such as Lawn Knives and Boring Horror with some new songs, the live show didn’t stop for breath. A forty-minute show to support a twenty-nine minute album definitely leaves the audience wanting more, though the mood in the room after the last notes of Wrinklecarver was euphoric. Surely, Born Gold made some new fans that night, thanks to their frantic energy and exciting live presentation. You know what happens when you dance in your bedroom to your favourite songs? No inhibitions, completely caught up in the moment? Born Gold has the power to make you do that in public.


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