Songs Of The Summer 2012: Part Two

With summer in full swing, we asked our Demo contributors and a variety of U of T students what song they hope will represent their four months of sun.  Over the next weeks, we will share what they said. 

Charles Dalrymple-Fraser, 3rd Year, Philosophy & Psychology

Song: 4’33”

Artist: John Cage

You have no doubt been waiting for that someone, me, to take upon the faux-pas of calling this a song, of all things, and even to be so bold as to want shape their summer around it. Yet, it is my intent entirely to be able to soundtrack my summer so. I don’t need my summer to point to friends or expensive things, special events or shiny cars, and I don’t need to find myself sitting at the end of the season recounting the weeks alongside guitared melodies and rhyming verse. Nor is this summer to be about any form of silence, as my tabooed silent soundtrack might lead you to suspect. This summer is going to be all about awareness: coming to terms with the things around me, what I can or cannot control, and what has been waiting to be listened to. It’s going to be about taking a moment to pause and break away from everything else, and offer an opportunity to restructure things from their beginnings. Yup, this summer is going to be about that damn Mr. Cage and his 4’33”.


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