Show Review: Sneaky Dee’s 25th Anniversary

By Adrienne McLaren, Feature Photo by Elena Gritzan

The old wooden floor eerily creaked and groaned under the weight of the crowd during Sneaky Dee’s 25th Anniversary party on September 13th and 14th. The popular downtown restaurant/concert venue chose Vancouver punk legends Gob to help in the celebrations.

By the light of the dim Christmas lights that decorated the room, I could make out the demographic of the show, and it made sense why this was a +19 event. Gob is not a new band, and many people who attended the show were most likely fans from when they first formed in 1993. A man in the audience who looked in his thirties told me he had not attended a rock concert since he was 17. My good friend, with whom I attended the show, even told me that her mother is a fan of the band. This fact mainly heightened my respect for her mother, and also made me put the band’s long history in perspective.

Gob has had many hits over the years and their songs have been heard in countless TV shows, movies, and video games. They represent punk in all its forms, and it is because of this that they have become iconic over their entire existence. They were nominated for a Juno for Best New Group in 2000 and another one for Best Video in 2002. Some of their more recognizable songs include “I Hear You Calling” from their most successful album World According to Gob and “Give up the Grudge” from their 2003 album Foot in Mouth Disease.

The band has been working on a new album for a couple of years now and it is said to be released near the end of 2012. The release of this album has been put on hiatus for many reasons, the main one being lead singer/guitarist Tom Thacker’s other recent band commitment as lead guitarist of Sum 41.

Overall, Gob turned the intimate upstairs venue into one full of sweaty, moshing punk rock lovers. I can confidently assume from the looks of it that a large handful were fans from day one. Sneaky Dee’s has it all figured out: if you don’t like the music, head downstairs for a big plate of their nachos. You can’t go wrong.


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