Bands From The Dead: The Chariot

By Kalina Nedelcheva

When you first hear of a band named The Chariot from a magazine article in Alternative Press, you think: “Oh, another Bring the Horizon clone, no surprise there!” And in most cases, you’d be right to assume so, but this band does not get the credit it deserves.

Despite the fact that there have been numerous leaves, returns and line-up changes amongst the band members, The Chariot has been able to maintain its hardcore head-banging status while at the same time straying away from the typical melodic instrumental and harmonic vocals that have engulfed their genre. Josh Scogin, the founder and only original band member, describes The Chariot as “heavy punk rock.” The lyrics surely support this statement as they are short but sweet poems sung with Scogin’s screaming vocal style. The songs have a wide range of topics such as politics, materialism, spiritualism and – get this – Christianity! In an interview with Absolute Punk, Scogin stated, “We are Christians in a band therefore we are a Christian band.”

Yes, what makes this band so unique and worth your time is that they in the complete opposite direction from what the public would expect. They could combine chaotic distortion with a church choir performance and still pull it off. The common view is that screamo is equal to emo, death and Satan, but The Chariot breaks free of those boundaries in their pursuit of metalcore and Salvation.

In November 2004 the band released their debut album, titled Everything is Alive, Everything is Breathing, Nothing is Dead and Nothing is Bleeding, announcing their stance against death and killing. The entire album was recorded live, under the premise that people listen to perfect music all the time. Scorgin explained that the band wanted to leave mistakes and flaws, letting the album be as raw as possible. The fact that the band was unwilling to subject their album to polishing and adjusting was maybe the best decision that they’ve ever made, the reason being that The Chariot is often recognized by their incredible live performances which mimic destruction in a frenzy of crowd-surfing bodies, intense mosh pits, flying mics, and plucking the guitar like there is no tomorrow.

From their EPs and their albums, One Wing is their most recent. It was released in August 2012, featuring a primitive drawn lizard creature on the cover and a “let’s get weird” vibe. Not long after, in 2013, the band fell apart, granting their fans with a farewell tour and some closure before moving on to greater things. Of course, there is the undying hope that somewhere in the near (or distant) future, somehow the band will reunite and continue defying metalcore standards and promoting Christianity in their weird way.


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