Rewind: Mariah Carey—“Honey”

By Savana James

To kick off this Throwback Thursday trend, I figured I could throw it back to the undisputed queen of 90s R&B: Miss Mariah Carey.

For me, “Honey” is timeless. This was the song that changed Mariah as an artist, a combination of smooth vocals, a catchy beat, and what might possibly be her best vocal riffs and high notes in her discography. This song marked her transition from being a somewhat conservative pop star to a sensual R&B goddess. Puff Daddy’s amazing hip hop beat paired with her pop voice created something magic. This song became huge, and propelled Mariah into a whole new phase of stardom in her music career.

For me, this song will always hold a little piece of my 90s kid heart, being the perfect uplifting jam to bop along to. It’s catchy and just plain fun; a little piece of musical sunshine. And who doesn’t want to be like Mariah in the music video, beating up and escaping your kidnappers, followed by frolicking on a beach and dancing with sailors.


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