Song Of The Week: Modern Baseball—“The Thrash Particle”

By Dora Boras

Philadelphia pop punk scene favorites Modern Baseball premiered “The Thrash Particle” on The Fader earlier this month. Loved for their pop punk melodies and goofy lyrics, “The Thrash Particle” takes on the same catchiness familiar to MoBo fans, but pushes it into a sound closer to American Football than Real Friends, without compromising their characteristically easy-going atmosphere with their sound.

This song undoubtedly suggests a new direction for Modern Baseball, however, it isn’t a striking difference to their already existing discography. The allure of the song partially lies in the intimacy in the lines, with lyrics such as “like when your teeth graze those lips / like when you begin to smile,” placing memories of closeness in our heads, only reinforced when paired with the isolated, opening chords of the song.  The wry lyrics paired with a more solemn tone separates the track from not only other pop punk tunes, but also demands space for itself among other Modern Baseball songs. “The Thrash Particle” marks itself as a potentially transitional moment for Modern Baseball, creating a new yet familiar sound while pushing their own boundaries.

The song plays on feelings we’re all too aware of – the undivided bitterness we exude when we suspect our significant other beginning to loosen their grip on us with lyrics like “and you let go of me / once you saw all your friends.” Modern Baseball access our own memories, allowing themselves to feel familiar to us, making their music seem relevant not only in discussion of other bands in their genre, but to our own lives. They’ve taken on a more serious perspective without losing their almost adolescent charm, showing a generous maturation in their sound. I’m pretty impressed with this new track, and although it is unclear if the track is a part of a new album, but I’m definitely hoping Modern Baseball takes the direction of “The Thrash Particle”, and finally give more attention to the emo undercurrent they’ve been harboring since the beginning.


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