Song Of The Week: Yung Lean—“Hoover”

By Ayla Shiblaq

Yung Lean has recorded the rap of my tears with “Hurt” and “Kyoto” dominating the subgenre of cloud rap with his Sadboys crew. Though his 2014 release Unknown Memory was lacklustre considering his past charm in Unknown Death 2002, Yung Lean has hinted throughout 2015 that he’s itching to be heard (see “Diamonds” with Thaiboy Digital). “Hoover” is clear evidence of that.

A little less cloudy and more aggressive, Yung Lean is growing from Tumblr world heartthrob to a rapper worthy of talk in the game. Produced by Yung Gud, sadboy MVP of fire beats, effortlessly curates Lean’s evolution with beats just as dingy as his music video. The mixing of Lean’s flow and Gud’s beat continues to prove to listeners that the Sadboys can really record as a collective.

“Gotta a lot of shit in my bag like Santa” may be a drug dealing reference, but it seems as though this might be a double entendre where he’s packed his bags and is leaving the his sadboy life behind – but maybe not entirely. “Hoover” speaks of the difficulties of fame, and of course, his group’s profound sadness.

Those dreamy blue eyes, that dirt on his face, bitches think he’s handsome… Our baby really is growing up.


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