What Are You Listening To: January 2017—New Year Edition

Words by Querobin Mendoza and Photos by Andrea Macanović, Feature Photo via THE VARSITY

I’m sure we can all agree that 2016 was rough. Many of us turn to music during hard times, so why not do the same after a bad year? Demo went around campus asking students what songs they’ve been listening to this month in preparation for 2017. One student shared a song about warmer weather, while another shared a song that reminded her of last weekend’s Women’s March. The songs came from many different genres, varying from post-rock to electronic to rap. No matter what you’re into, we hope you enjoy the songs listed below making your 2017 start off on a good note.

Rachel Evangeline Chiong


3rd year, Linguistics and Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations

Song: Rainbow Valley by Silus


Steven Zhang


4th Year, Immunology

Song: Bring Back the Summer by Rain Man (Not Your Dope Remix)


Misbel Ibar


4th Year, Biology

Song: Like a Star by Fetty Wap and Nicky Minaj


Alexandria Matic


2nd Year, Law

Valerie by Amy Winehouse


Andy Xu


4th Year, Computer Engineering

Song: Kitchen Sink by 21 Pilots


Mark Khalil


2nd Year, Economics and Mathematics

Song: Pink and White by Frank Ocean


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