Revolution Songs—A Take Care Playlist

By Savana James, Feature Photo via Blanton Museum of Art

It’s good to fight the good fight, but they sure can be exhausting. Revolutions are tireless work, and can get the best of you. At times, we need to take a moment to step back and reflect to step away from the fight, check in with ourselves, and heal. Sometimes, we have no room left for the anger and passion that drives us to keep fighting. In those peaceful, somber moments, let songs like these soothe you and remind you what you’re fighting for.


Redemption Song  – Bob Marley

“Won’t you help to sing / these songs of freedom”


Come to Mama – Lady Gaga

“There’s gonna be no future / if we don’t figure this out”


Take Me To The Water – Nina Simone

“Non but the righteous / shall be saved”


Glory – John Legend & Common

“We’ll fight on to the finish / then when it’s all done / we’ll cry glory”


Blowin In The Wind – Bob Dylan

“How many times can a man turn his head / and pretend he just doesn’t see?”


Weary – Solange

“I’m gonna look for my glory, yeah / I’ll be back like real soon”


Bubbles – Jamila Woods

“Black girl be in a bubble, bubble / floating quietly out of trouble, trouble”



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