Song Of The Week: Lily Allen—“Going To A Town”

By Samantha Capaldi, Feature Photo via The Independent

This is not the first time that Lily Allen has been vocal against an American president, who released her single “Fuck You” in 2009 about George W. Bush. Eight years later, Allen has words for Donald Trump. However this time, it’s not in her own words, but those of a Canadian.

Allen covered Rufus Wainwright’s “Going to A Town” with producer and friend Mark Ronson in response to last weekend’s inauguration of Donald Trump. As Canadians, our outside perspective lies closely with Allen and the rest of those outside of America who have had to watch this election from afar. Lily Allen offers her voice at a time of political unrest in this chilling and introspective cover.

Alongside the cover, Allen also released an accompanying video, taken from the Women’s March that happened last weekend in London. The video shows footage of Allen’s performance of the cover in between shots of the protesters in the march, all captured in somber black and white.

Wainwright’s lyrics reiterate perfectly the current sentiments felt by all of those in protest, who agree that they are “so tired of America.” Allen is not alone in joining the worldwide protests, with support coming from fellow artists like Janelle Monáe, Alicia Keys, and Madonna, to name a prolific few who spoke at the Women’s March in Washington, D.C.

These women offer their words, their voices, and their support in the current climate of American politics. 


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