Song Of The Week: Lorde—“Green Light”

By Samantha Capaldi, Feature Photo via Billboard

It was only a few weeks ago that I had mentioned to my friend that I was really in need of some new Lorde material. In the way that the world works, Lorde released her single, “Green Light,” soon after.

The debut track off of her upcoming album, Melodrama, illustrates a new, experimental sound for the moody singer as she explores the last year or so of her life, including her first breakup. The track is the most upbeat, the most dance friendly one that she has released to date, thanks to her producer, Jack Antonoff. His influence is quite apparent on the keyboard progressions leading up to and throughout the chorus, sounding familiar to tempos used both for The Bleachers’ music and even Taylor Swift’s “1989.”

I wouldn’t say that this is anything near being considered as pop, though. Lorde may be
exploring a new sound, but the whole track is still very “Lorde.” Like she says on the song, she hears new sounds in her mind and those sounds are what we are to expect on Melodrama.

Lorde also released an accompanying video for the single, and performed it along with her newest release, a ballad titled “Liability,” over the weekend on Saturday Night Live.



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